10 Cheapest MBA Colleges In Canada For International Students (2024)

What are the cheapest MBA colleges in Canada for international students?

A Business Administration degree is known to be one of the most popular majors among students and professionals. Additionally, with so many specializations accessible, more and more applicants are preparing to pursue an MBA abroad for an international career in the business world.

The cost of an MBA in Canada depends on the length, type, structure, and popularity of the program. The cost may be lower, but the quality and effectiveness of the course remain the same. This is what attracts students from all over the world to pursue an affordable MBA in Canada.

In this article, we will be reviewing the top ten cheapest MBA colleges in Canada and why they appear in our list.

Cheapest MBA Colleges In Canada For International Students

The cheapest MBA colleges in Canada for international students are:

University of Calgary

Cheapest MBA colleges in Canada
Cheapest MBA colleges in Canada

The University of Calgary is one of the cheapest MBA colleges in Canada for international students. The MBA programs at the University of Calgary are versatile; students can select between full-time, part-time, accelerated, or executive MBA programs. This well-recognized degree is low-cost at the University of Calgary for overseas students.

The curriculum is created to accommodate professionals pursuing career pathways in the public, non-profit and commercial sectors who want to obtain a widely respected degree. It provides a variety of options for students to tailor their learning, such as internship opportunities, and specialization among others.

University of Victoria

University of Victoria
Cheapest MBA colleges in Canada

Located in Oak Bay and Saanich, British Columbia, the University of Victoria is one of the most well-known public research universities in the country. One of the largest universities in Canada, the university is home to more than 21000 students.

One of Canada’s top MBA schools, the University of Victoria has affordable tuition. Two MBA programs are offered by the Gustavson School of Management at the University of Victoria. A 16-month, full-time MBA program is one option. One weekend a month, a 24-month-long MBA program is offered as an alternative.

A lot of prominent recruiters are looking for University of Victoria MBA graduates. Earlier, the university was a part of McGill University’s network of institutions. It now operates independently.

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University of Northern British Columbia

University of British Columbia
Cheapest MBA colleges in Canada

When the British Columbia legislative assembly enacted the UNBC Act in June 1990, the University of Northern British Columbia, popularly known as UNBC, came into existence. It is among the greatest universities in Canada and is situated in the stunning scenery of northern British Columbia.

A university with a strong focus on research is the University of Northern British Columbia. The modest institution, known as Canada’s Green University, currently has 4,253 students enrolled. More than 50 nations are represented among the international students at UNBC.

The university has a diversified student body due to the 11% share of international students. UNBC offers outstanding options for undergraduate and graduate study in the humanities, social sciences, health, and natural sciences. Just UNBC is included as an employer in Northern Colombia on Mediacorp Canada Inc.’s list of the greenest companies in Canada.

University of Manitoba

Cheapest MBA colleges in Canada
Cheapest MBA colleges in Canada

The University of Manitoba is located in Manitoba, Canada, and was founded in 1877 as a public research institution by Alexander Morris. The Fort Garry campus, which was erected in Winnipeg, is the school’s main site. It was the first university in Western Canada.

The university has maintained a high rating in the most recent editions of the QS World University Rankings, THE Ranking, The Guardian Ranking, US News and Report Ranking, and CWUR Rankings. Known as one of the top choices for students, the university boasts an employment rate of 83%.

International students as well as residents are catered to by the University of Manitoba in terms of their academic needs. fostering a diverse student body on campus as a result. More than 140 nations in the world send students to this school.

Laval University

Laval Univeriste
Cheapest MBA colleges in Canada

Among the more affordable MBA schools in Canada is Laval University. The first university in French to be established in North America was this one. In Canada, there is a well-equipped contemporary business school called the Faculty of Business Administration (FSA).

Since 1924, the institution has been at the forefront of Canada’s low-cost MBA offerings. The three intakes—fall, winter, and spring—are open for admission to Laval University. While this university provides 500 programs with more than 60 departments, 17 faculties, and more than 1,000 online courses, students can pursue studies in practically any discipline they want.

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Ranking 7 in Canada for research is Laval University. In the center of Quebec City, on land designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the campus of the Université Laval, which provides a top-notch learning environment.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Canada established the Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1925. Memorial University was established as a monument in honor of the Newfoundlanders who lost their lives while serving in the First World War, and it works to uphold that tremendous sacrifice by educating the residents of this province.

AACSB International, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, has granted accreditation to this faculty, making it the first in Atlantic Canada. The university, one of Canada’s top 20 institutions of higher learning, got more than $100 million in research funding in 2016.

All thinkers and students are welcome at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. Several medals and honors have been given to the university’s faculties in recognition of their noteworthy contributions to society.

University of Prince Edward Island

The University of Prince Edward Island is a public university that was established in 1969 and grants undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. On the list of the top 50 research universities in Canada, the university is ranked number 43.

The advantages of on-campus housing, lodging, and parking spaces are available to students. Some well-known alumni from the University of Prince Edward Island have significantly impacted their fields of specialization.

These graduates commonly receive honors and awards from the university in recognition of their contributions to society. International students are welcome at the University of Prince Edward Island, where they make up 29% of the student body and originate from more than 90 different countries.

University of New Brunswick

New Brunswick University One of the top research universities in Canada, Fredericton has a significant impact on the province’s academic research, accounting for over 75% of it. The University of New Brunswick offers admission to international students during the summer, fall, and winter semesters.

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A 75% acceptance rate shows that the university has a moderately selective admissions process. Several collaboration opportunities are available to students once the course is over. At the University of Brunswick, you can choose between a full-time and a part-time MBA program based on your interests and preferences.

For research and graduate students, the university has a number of scholarship programs. There are about 1000 international students at the university, representing over 100 different countries.

Ryerson University

Ryerson University is located in the middle of Toronto, the biggest city in Canada. The university opened its doors in 1948. A never-ending work of art, it seems like the campus. In addition to over 40 graduate programs, the university offers 60 undergraduate programs, including foundation programs.

Ryerson has an over 170,000 network of alumni that spans the world. this university stands between #801-1000 in the current QS World University Rankings 2022 and THE World University Rankings 2022. Additionally, the institution also ranks #933 in U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings 2022.

University of Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke University is a public university in Quebec, Canada. It is a French-speaking university founded in 1954. Sherbrooke University offers approximately 400 programs in its three cycles across multiple disciplines.

The university has over 31,000 students. International students are also welcome here, and it has over 1,600 international students from 88 countries. Students can choose to live on campus or off campus. About 82% of students enrolled at the university are from outside Sherbrooke.

Sherbrooke University is one of Canada’s most prestigious universities. Admission requirements to Sherbrooke University depend on the cycle of the program chosen. All students are required to demonstrate a certain level of French proficiency for admission. 


The top 10 cheapest MBA Colleges in Canada have been discussed in this piece. Want information regarding the fees and other programs offered there? Please visit their respective websites for that or use the comment box below to make an inquiry.

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