Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Calgary Without A Degree (2024)

What are the top ten highest paying jobs in Calgary without a degree?

The Canadian province of Alberta’s capital, Calgary, is well known for being a center for the energy, financial, and technology sectors.

Even while a degree is important for pursuing the highest-paying careers, not everyone has the resources or the desire to pursue a university education.

In this post, we’ll examine ten of the highest-paying entry-level positions in Calgary for the year 2023.

Highest Paying Jobs In Calgary Without A Degree

The top ten highest paying jobs in Calgary without a degree are:

Real Estate Agent

It is a real estate agent’s responsibility to help clients buy or sell houses in Calgary’s burgeoning real estate market. In either residential or commercial real estate transactions, real estate agents may function as customers’ representatives.

They do this by utilizing their expertise in market prices, property valuations, and real estate laws to assist clients in making educated decisions.

Real estate agents in Calgary make an average of 95,000 CAD in a year. You must however, pass real estate courses and tests and receive an operating license in Alberta to practice as a real estate agent.

Power Plant Operators

Boilers, turbines, generators, and auxiliary systems must all be maintained and operated by a power plant operator. In order to maintain the effective and secure operation of power plants, power plant operators monitor equipment, set controls, and carry out maintenance and repair work.

A Power Plant Operator in Calgary can expect to make CAD 94,500 annually. A high school graduation or its equivalent, along with the necessary technical training and certificates, are requirements for becoming a power plant operator.

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Elevator Mechanic

Working as an elevator mechanic entails the installation, upkeep and fixing escalators, elevators, and other lifting equipment. Elevator technicians might focus on brand-new installations or operate on already-installed systems, doing routine maintenance or addressing issues as they emerge.

At the moment, Calgary pays an average of CAD 98,000 per year for an elevator repair. A high school diploma or a technical school diploma is needed to become an elevator mechanic, along with an industrial training.

Fire Fighting

When there is an emergency, such as a fire, an accident, or a natural disaster, firefighters respond to save lives and protect property. The duties of a firefighter include working with dangerous materials, using specialized tools and equipment, and performing search and rescue operations.

A firefighter in Calgary makes, on average, 81,000 Canadian dollars a year. Having a high school graduation or its equivalent is a prerequisite for becoming a firefighter. Next, candidates must complete varying lengths of in-depth training.

Construction Management

A construction manager is responsible for supervising every stage of a building project, from budgeting and strategy to implementation and completion.

To guarantee that projects are finished on time, within budget, and to the needed highest possible quality, construction managers collaborate with the designers, engineers, and workers.

In Calgary, a construction manager has an average annual pay of CAD 88,000. You require construction sector experience, together with strong management and organizational abilities, to become a construction manager.

Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanic is also one of the highest paying jobs in Calgary without a degree. In order to guarantee that an aircraft functions safely, aviation mechanics are in charge of doing maintenance and repairs, including checking systems, identifying issues, and completing the necessary fixes.

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In Calgary, an aircraft mechanic can expect to make an annual income of CAD 92,000. You need to have a technical school diploma and certification in aviation repair in order to work as an aircraft mechanic.

Commercial Driving

A commercial driver is in charge of driving big trucks and buses, which are used for moving both cargo and passengers. The rules and legislation governing commercial driving must be familiar to commercial drivers, as well as having appropriate driving skills.

An annual wage of CAD 90,000 is the norm for commercial drivers in Calgary. You must possess a current commercial driver’s license (CDL) and the necessary expertise to work as a driver for a company.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers aid customers in understanding and acquiring insurance, such as life, vehicle, and house insurance. They give consumers advice on measures and insurance rates, guarantee that the coverage is suitable for their needs, and handle claims and upgrades.

An insurance broker in Calgary has an average yearly reimbursement of 80,000 CAD. You must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to become an insurance broker. Next, you must apply for and be granted a license by the Insurance Council of Alberta.

Train Conductors

The safe and effective running of passenger or freight trains is the responsibility of the train conductor, who works in tandem with other conductors and other train staff to achieve this goal. The principles of train operating and safety requirements must be understood by train conductors.

A Train Conductor in Calgary has an average yearly pay of CAD 85,500. A high school graduation or its equivalent is required, as well as extensive on-the-job training, to become a railway conductor.

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Police Officers

Police Officer is the last profession on this list. Law enforcement, emergency response, and crime investigation are all ways that police officers keep the public safe. Together, they safeguard people and uphold peace by cooperating with other law enforcement organizations.

CAD 79,000 is the typical annual wage for police officers in Calgary. After earning your high school graduation or its equivalent and finishing the Police Academy’s training course, you can apply to become a police officer.


In Calgary, there are other options besides a university education for landing high-paying professions. The jobs mentioned in this article show how a strong desire to learn about these fields and a commitment to doing so, along with the appropriate training and certifications, may result in rewarding careers in Calgary.

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