Cheapest Ways To Send Flowers From Canada To The UK

What are the cheapest ways to send flowers from Canada to the UK?

Flowers can be used for a variety of occasions, including weddings and informal gatherings, to convey love, express regret, mark a new milestone, and celebrate milestones.

It’s one thing to locate a reliable florist; it’s quite another to have the flowers delivered to the recipient or venue.

However, we have compiled a list of a few Canadian Florian stores that provide high-quality flowers and lovely arrangements at reasonable costs. Additionally, they ship to the UK.

Find the list of the cheapest way to send flowers from Canada to the UK in this article.

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Cheapest ways to send flowers from Canada to the UK
Cheapest ways to send flowers from Canada to the UK

Cheapest Ways To Send Flowers From Canada To The UK

The cheapest ways to send flowers from Canada to the UK are:

LaPier’s Flowers and Gifts

If you want to surprise your lover or commemorate important dates in your relationship, such as anniversaries or birthdays, LaPier’s Flowers and Gifts is the right place for you.

Since it has been in operation for more than 27 years, the flower company, which is family held, is a reputable enterprise. LaPiers will take good care of your bouquets and your relationship. Price lists for flowers begin at $11.

Jean’s Flower Shop

With a broad range of high-end floral products, Jeans Flower Shop is a reputable Canadian florist. For bridal showers and weddings, they provide flower arrangements.

They also provide floral arrangements that you may give to your partner to make them fawn over you, give them the jitters, and make them smile for days.

Jean’s Flower Shop has you covered, no matter what the occasion. Additionally, they provide very quick service by ensuring that all of your floral requests are completed and providing round-the-clock support for the duration of the full procedure, from conception to execution. Pricing for flowers begins at $35.

Da Vinci Floral Shop

A large selection of flowers are available at Da Vinci Floral Shop. They have a stunning selection of flowers that are high in both quality and quantity and are delivered flawlessly. Every day, fresh flowers are delivered to the store, where they are then arranged into an incredible assortment of bouquets that differ in color, size, and design.

To give each client something to cherish, Da Vinci Flower Shop develops exquisite event floral arrangements. As long as the flowers are there, they consider no occasion to be unusual. Prices for flowers begin at $50.

Here are some of Canada’s dependable shipping providers if you’d prefer to send the flowers yourself

DB Schenker

This international courier is a fantastic option for all of your shipping needs to and from Europe as well as for international freight transportation. It has over 2000 locations globally and offers land, air, ocean, and parcel delivery services.

Cheapest ways to send flowers from Canada to the UK


The Bloomex flower business is on a smaller scale. It started a tiny downtown flower shop where customers can purchase artistically arranged, freshly cut flowers with pleasant scents. As the business grew over time, it developed a reputation as a trustworthy florist business.

They currently provide Canadian consumers with beautiful, high-end flowers and floral arrangements at fair pricing. In order to maintain the freshness of the flowers, Bloomed also incorporates seasonal flowers in the floral arrangements. Starting at $19, the floral price list.

Brant Florist

According to Brant Florist, there is a connection between flowers and emotions that is difficult to describe with words.

The use of flowers as a means of expressing one’s feelings or emotions toward someone or something is fairly prevalent. Brant Florist is aware of this and wants to assist you in finding the finest way to express yourself.

Because of this, they use their floral arrangements to enable their clients to communicate without actually speaking.

Flowers in all shapes, sizes, combinations, and colors are available at the florist. It would undoubtedly astound the recipient of the flowers when they saw it. Flowers start at $39 per arrangement.

Ways to send flowers from Canada to the UK
Cheapest ways to send flowers from Canada to the UK


DHL is a well-known international transportation company that expertly balances cost and speed. Its extensive global logistical network enables it to transport your cargo over-night to many different nations.


Among the biggest and most aggressive shipping companies in the world is FedEx. This can be your best choice if you need to export something from Canada to the United Kingdom.

Lufu Events

The Toronto-based company Lufu Events offers wedding and event services, including fresh and silk event flowers as well as services for event and wedding decor.

They collaborate extensively with clients to choose the ideal wedding backgrounds, chair covers, centerpieces, and flowers.

To satisfy the needs of their customers, their flowers are also presented in lovely bundles. The cost of flowers begins around $30.

Nature’s Wonders Florist

Local florist Nature’s Wonders offers beautiful bouquets of premium flowers together with top-notch delivery services all throughout the city. The business specializes in a variety of floral arrangements and designs, including conventional, modern, contemporary, classic, and silk arrangements, among others.

Making sure that their clients are happy with their services is the floral shop’s primary objective. As a result, it has established a reputation for offering the greatest flower services in Canada. Prices for flowers start at $44

Cheapest ways to send flowers from Canada to the UK
Cheapest ways to send flowers from Canada to the UK

Canada Flowers

A global florist, Canada Flowers offers flower delivery and arrangement services to customers not only domestically but also abroad.

To maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh flowers, they are well-known and typically receive a sizable number of orders each day, which accounts for their substantial inventory of flower arrangements. They may provide their services for both small and large gatherings inside and outside of Canada. Beginning at $45, their costs are.


An international courier corporation called UPS provides excellent domestic services as well as global logistics to more than 220 nations. It is a reputable business that can accommodate almost any shipping requirement.


When you need high-quality flowers to express your love or celebrate an occasion, distance shouldn’t be an obstacle. All the floral businesses mentioned above will go above and beyond to meet your expectations and make your significant other swoon. Any of these ought to be tried out as soon as you can.

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