Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary (2024)

Despite being the third-largest city in Canada, Calgary has a population of over 16 million people and offers a variety of desirable neighbourhoods.

There are neighbourhoods that range from busy metropolitan regions in the city’s centre to quiet and tranquil places in a suburban setting.

The number of citizens, immigrants, and visitors to Canada has increased, which has also resulted in a rise in crime rates in Calgary.

Despite the fact that Calgary is a generally safe city, there are several areas that you should stay away from.

In Calgary, Alberta, have you been trying to find the ideal spot to call home? The ten safest neighborhoods in Calgary are shown below, along with a brief description of each one’s social facilities and level of safety.

In addition, they are unique in that they boast vistas of the mountains, top-notch public schools, parks, and efficient transit systems, to name a few.

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Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary
Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary

Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary

The top ten safest neighborhoods in Calgary are:


Brentwood is a well-known residential neighbourhood in Calgary, recognised for its suburban peace and city convenience. It is a safe community that welcomes families and is situated in Calgary’s north downtown.

The community is easily accessible, and the area has a very low crime rate. Numerous parks, restaurants, and luxurious residences can be found in the community along with several schools and other social services.

Numerous residents who are both working and students live in the neighbourhood because Calgary University is nearby.

The suburb has good access to Canada’s transport network, which makes it simple for locals to go around the city. You want to live somewhere calm and beautiful, and Brentwood is just that.

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Point McKay

The residential area of Point McKay, which is recognised for its calm atmosphere, is situated in downtown Calgary. The neighbourhood is a peaceful, sparsely inhabited area bordered by greenery along the Bow river.

The neighbourhood has a reputation for being a safe place to live because of the sense of community that comes with living here. Families that want an easy way to get around the city should choose this region because it also has decent transport options. It is a neighbourhood that is quite safe and tranquil.

Huntington Hills

The “heart of Calgary” is the northwest area of Calgary, where this residential suburb is situated. The area is well-known for its stunning homes, which are frequently provided at reasonable costs.

While generally safe, the area’s proximity to Calgary’s busy downtown has caused crime rates to appear to be rising, despite the fact that they are still low by Calgary standards.

Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary

Excellent infrastructure and a variety of public transport choices make Huntington Hill remarkably convenient. People who want to launch a business should choose this area.

West Springs

Southwest Calgary’s West Springs neighbourhood is primarily made up of homes. It’s a posh area with lots of parks and other open areas. One of Calgary’s safest communities, it has continuously been ranked high.

Additionally, the neighbourhood is distinguished by lively restaurants and shopping areas. Both families and single people can benefit from it.

Aspen Woods

Residences were constructed in Aspen Woods in 2001, and it is situated in Calgary’s west downtown. It has a solid reputation for being a safe and family-friendly setting.

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Despite being a hidden gem in the past, Aspen Woods is now well-known and in great demand due to its lavish estate houses, affluent community, forested settings, breathtaking mountain vistas, and easy access to downtown Calgary. There is extremely little crime in the area, which is also very calm.


In Calgary’s northwest, there is a nice, tranquil, and peaceful community called Edgemont. About 17,000 people live there, making it a small and sparsely populated neighbourhood.

Neighborhoods in Calgary
Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary

Both the infrastructure and the public transit system in Edgemont are first-rate. It is a very safe neighbourhood and perfect for those who want to go on late-night excursions and walks.

Cougar Ridge

In the southwest part of Calgary, there are a number of parks and other open spaces in the neighbourhood of Cougar Ridge. The metropolitan skyline to the east and the Canadian Rockies to the west are both breathtaking vistas that may be seen from here.

That’s true, in addition to serving as a tranquil natural setting for locals. Being one of Calgary’s safest neighbourhoods with a low crime rate, Cougar Ridge makes the place perfect for families. With numerous schools and other social amenities, the neighbourhood is attractive.


A brand-new community called Sherwood is situated in Calgary’s northwest. The area is charming, has a laid-back vibe, and has modern homes with clean lines.

The community is quiet, pleasant, and safe because the properties are reasonably priced and there aren’t too many people living there. Additionally, all main highways are easily accessible from the area, making it simple to go throughout Calgary.

Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary
Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary


One such residential area in northwest Calgary that welcomes families is this one. Because of the neighborhood’s proximity to mountains, locals enjoy stunning year-round views of the outdoors. Due to its excellent schools, playgrounds, and other kid-friendly amenities, the community is ideal for families with young children. vario.

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Citadel is well recognised for having a big green area in the centre of it, where various family-friendly activities and events routinely take place. A perfect fusion of community, nature, and safety can be found at Citadel.


One of Calgary’s most desirable neighbourhoods is Hawkwood. The residential area is situated in Calgary’s northwest quarter and is noted for its magnificent, luxurious residences that provide views of both the city’s downtown and the snow-capped Rockies.

Since its construction in 1981, Hawkwood has kept its reputation as a family-friendly neighbourhood with a significant proportion of individuals over the age of 50. The neighbourhood offers comfort, luxury, and safety.

Calgary, Alberta
Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary


Calgary can provide you with information about safe communities. Each individual can find something here.

All of the aforementioned communities offer beautiful scenery, attractive structures, a rich cultural heritage, tourist attractions, and much more, making them ideal for employment, families, a lively nightlife, and even schools. They are also renowned to have low rates of crime, making them highly safe areas.

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