Top 10 Cheapest Shipping From Canada To UK (2024)

What are the top ten cheapest shipping from Canada to UK?

Due to the smart planning needed to execute efficiently and reduce delays, shipping overseas may appear to be a burden. Here are some of the top shipping firms that may satisfy your requirements at competitive pricing for Canadians who are thinking about shipping to the UK.

Since they all have cutting-edge technology and simple customs processing, your products will arrive at their destinations as quickly as possible.

Types of services to be rendered by the logistics companies mentioned below includes;

  • Parcel shipping 
  • Pallet shipping
  • Fragile goods transport 
  • International shipping 
  • Haulage 
  • Truck/trailer service
  • Boat transport / Sea shipping
  • Full Truckload amongst others 

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Cheapest shipping from Canada to UK
Cheapest shipping from Canada to UK

Cheapest Shipping From Canada To UK

The top ten cheapest shipping from Canada to UK are:

DHL Logistics

Located in Canada, DHL offers international logistics services. Over the course of its more than 30 years in business, the courier service has delivered products in pristine condition every single time. Along with providing shipping services, DHL also offers temperature-controlled facilities, packaging, bundling, and labeling.

An effective tracking system, which enables customers to trace the movement of their items as well as the estimated time of arrival, supports the company’s logistical operations. With a sophisticated customs clearance system, they offer shipping services internationally to more than 220 nations.


Among the well-known companies offering logistics services in Canada and around the world is FedEx Canada. The courier company offers a range of packaging options, such as adaptable, user-friendly, self-sealing packages.

Additionally, they offer a unique kind of packaging for delivering hazardous materials like gasses and firecrackers, among others. Your items are safe with them since they take great care to adhere to international safety regulations.

XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics is a reliable logistics service provider with a global network of 756 service sites and 42,000 workers, making it a suitable choice for shipping items from Canada to any country in the world. With respect to the number of drivers, trucks, and terminals, XPO Logistics Canada has one of the largest networks.

For their shippers, they also offer complete digital visibility.Additionally, with seamless shipper-carrier interaction, total automation, and dynamic rerouting, they provide their customers the option of picking either pick-up or delivery services.

CanadaPost Courier Service

CanadaPost is a postal service that has a strong basis in the Canadian logistics industry, and is presumably the courier service provider with the oldest history.

Real-time order tracking and complete shipment visibility are made possible by the company’s cutting-edge technologies.Along with a solid method for customs clearance, they offer international delivery.

Logistics Company
Cheapest shipping from Canada to UK

DB Schenker Logistics Company

DB Schenker Canada, which has been around for more than 50 years, is well-known among Canadian logistics firms. The German company employs over 90,000 people worldwide at more than 2,000 locations.

Through its online portal, ESchenker, they provide order tracking, data analytics, and shipment management. The platform offers consumers proactive management of their demands for international shipment as well as 24/7 support.

UPS Logistics Company

Another well-known logistics firm with operations in Canada is UPS. The delivery service offers international shipping to more than 220 countries and has over 62 facilities and 12,000 personnel dispersed across the nation.

Additionally, UPS Canada has a group of highly qualified specialists who collaborate with foreign suppliers to offer cutting-edge solutions that put the needs of the customer first. Customers can use a thorough tracking system backed by the Quantum View app to keep tabs on their deliveries.

Yusen Logistics

A reputable business with cutting-edge infrastructure and safe warehouse facilities is Yusen Logistics, a well-known Canadian courier service.

Providing temperature-controlled facilities and specialised packaging at competitive pricing, Yusen Logistics also guarantees the safety of their supply chain. While also offering suitable packaging and solutions for personalised labelling, they carefully abide by international standards.

Shipping goods
Cheapest shipping from Canada to UK

Aramex Logistics Canada

Another well-liked logistics company among Canadian logistics firms is Aramex. Aramex Canada is in a strong position to handle any supply chain challenges because of its broad 3PL network.

Flexible pick-up, delivery options, returns administration, and customer support are just a few of its benefits. They are recognised as industry leaders thanks to their high-quality operations.

DTDC Logistics Company

Since its founding more than 25 years ago, DTDC Logistics has grown to serve more than 10,000 sites across Canada with high-quality courier services. Furthermore, they provide shipping services outside to more than 240 nations.

Due to its very competitive prices and excellent customs clearance processes, the company is a frequent choice for cross-border shipments.

Customised warehouse fulfilment and shipping solutions are available from DTDC Canada at affordable rates. Additionally, customers have the option of picking up or using their home delivery services.

Purolator Inc

With more than 50 years of experience, Purolator Inc. has dependably offered Canadians high-quality courier services. The business offers experienced teams, solutions, and specialised packaging for uncommon goods and dangerous items, all while keeping orders trackable.

They also provide efficient returns with reverse logistics, next-day door or pick-up delivery, as well as a highly-tuned system for foreign shipments.


The aforementioned courier providers are ideal for you if you require shipping services for any reason, including moving your properties to a new country or sending items to clients, family, and friends. It’s interesting that they charge reasonable pricing for these excellent services.

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