Top 10 Richest Postal Codes In Canada 2024

Many of the wealthiest people in the world live in Canada, therefore it is not unexpected that many of them reside in some of the most wealthy postal codes in the world.

Based on information from Statistics Canada and other trustworthy sources, we will examine the top 10 richest postal codes in Canada in this article.

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Richest Postal Codes in Canada 

The top ten richest postal codes in Canada today are: 

V8V, Victoria

Vancouver Island’s Victoria neighborhood, in the Oak Bay area, is where you may find the V8V postal code.

Historic homes, parks along the river, and fine dining establishments are all prominent features of this neighborhood. V8V is the sixth wealthiest postal code in Canada based on its $180,000 median annual income.

M4W, Toronto

Toronto’s Rosedale-Moore Park neighborhood, which is where the M4W postal code is located, is the city’s geographic center.

Luxury residences, upscale restaurants, and shopping outlets can be found in this upscale neighborhood. The highest-earning postal code in Canada is M4W, which has an astounding median income of $280,000 annually.

H3Y, Montreal

Just west of the city center in Montreal’s Westmount neighborhood is where you may find the H3Y postal code.

Historic mansions, tree-lined lanes, and the vicinity of Mount Royal Park are all features of this neighborhood. With a typical income of $150,000 annually, H3Y is Canada’s ninth-richest postal code.

V6J, Vancouver

The posh Shaughnessy neighborhood is where the V6J postal code is situated on Vancouver’s west side.

The area is well-known for its stately historic mansions, verdant gardens, and tree-lined avenues. V6J is the second-richest postal code in Canada, with an annual median income of $250,000.

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H3A, Montreal

A short distance from McGill University, the H3A postal code is situated in the center of Montreal.

The most prestigious residential structures and upmarket dining establishments in the city can be found here. H3A is the third wealthiest postal code in Canada according to its $220,000 median annual income.

V6K, Vancouver

In Vancouver’s Kitsilano district, close to the campus of the University of British Columbia, is where you’ll find the V6K postal code.

This region is well-known for its hipster atmosphere, trendy eateries, and close proximity to the coast. The tenth wealthiest postal code in Canada is V6K, where the annual median income is $140,000.

T2T, Calgary

The Upper Mount Royal and Lower Mount Royal neighborhoods are where the T2T postal code is found in Calgary.

This neighborhood is renowned for its historic homes, tree-lined lanes, and accessibility to Calgary’s downtown. T2T is the fourth-richest postal code in Canada based on median annual income of $210,000.

Richest postal codes in Canada
Richest postal codes in Canada

L4W, Mississauga

Just west of Toronto, in the city of Mississauga, is where you can find the L4W postal code.

Many of the biggest companies in the area, including Pearson International Airport, are based here. L4W is the fifth-richest postal code in Canada according to median annual income of $190,000.

L5J, Mississauga

In Mississauga, a city immediately west of Toronto, you can find the L5J postal code. Along with various luxury condominium projects, this area is home to many of the biggest firms in the area.

L5J is the seventh-richest postal code in Canada according to its annual median income of $170,000.

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V6G, Vancouver

Vancouver’s West End neighborhood, next to English Bay, is where the V6G postal code is situated.

High-rise condominium complexes, busy streets, and the vicinity of Stanley Park are all notable features of this neighborhood.

V6G, the eighth-richest postal code in Canada based on median annual income of $160,000, is affluent.

Postal Codes in Canada
Richest postal codes in Canada


Finally, some of the richest people in the world reside in Canada, and many of them do so in the richest postal codes in the nation.

M4W in Toronto, V6J in Vancouver, H3A in Montreal, T2T in Calgary, L4W and L5J in Mississauga, V8V in Victoria, V6G and V6K in Vancouver, and H3Y in Montreal will be the top ten most affluent postal codes in Canada. 

These neighborhoods are renowned for their opulent mansions, chic dining and shopping establishments, and close access to important enterprises and tourist destinations.

These postal codes are a fantastic place to start if your goal is to reside among Canada’s wealthy elite.

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