Top 10 Richest Universities In Canada (2024)

What universities are the richest universities in Canada today?

Some of the best institutions in the world are located in Canada, which is evident from the number of beautifully landscaped campuses and the enrollment of students from around the globe. The financial health of Canada’s universities is a good indicator of its prosperity. 

The enormous net worth of Canada’s universities, many of which are among the richest in the world, is another indicator of the country’s affluence. In this post, we’ll examine some of Canada’s wealthiest colleges’ financial situations in further detail.

Richest universities in Canada
Richest universities in Canada

Richest Universities In Canada 

The top ten richest universities in Canada today are: 

University of Toronto 

Richest universities in Canada
Richest universities in Canada

With a current endowment of CAD$2.84 billion, the institution of Toronto, which was founded in 1827 and was once known as King’s College, is the wealthiest institution in Canada.

More than 90,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programmes at this university, making it the biggest in Canada. Entry to the University of Toronto is extremely competitive, especially for students from outside countries.

Three campuses of the University of Toronto are spread out throughout the city, with the main campus being in the city’s center. 

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It has over 2,900 student exchange programmes, over 300 relationships with esteemed colleges abroad, and a network of more than 550,000 alumni in close to 190 countries, making it Canada’s most internationally minded university.

As well as making a sizable contribution to Canada’s knowledge economy, the University of Toronto also invests heavily on its research programme.

The University of Toronto is a desirable location for graduate aspirant students looking for financing in their research because it receives the most yearly funding for scientific research.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

University of British Columbia
Richest universities in Canada

With a CAD$2.182 billion endowment, the University of British Columbia is one of the wealthiest academic institutions in Canada.

Founded in 1908, the University of British Columbia (UBC) is one of Canada’s oldest institutions of higher learning. The campus, which is located in Vancouver, covers a total area of 4,540 acres.

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The university has won numerous awards and has a stellar reputation. It is home to one of Canada’s largest research libraries and the country’s largest cyclotron.

The university has two campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna and enrolls over 60,000 students annually. It is known for its top-notch research and teaching in a variety of disciplines, including the arts, sciences, engineering, and business.

For both undergraduate and graduate students, it has well-funded facilities that will improve their academic experiences and spur innovation. Four Canadian prime ministers and eight Nobel laureates are among the numerous famous alumni of UBC.

McGill University 

McGill University
Richest universities in Canada

McGill University was founded in 1821, making it one of the country’s oldest institutions of higher learning. With an endowment of CAD$1.73 billion, it is also one of the richest institutions.

The institution is well known for its reputation in research and teaching excellence, which draws about 39,000 students from all over the world. In the Canadian city of Montreal, Québec, McGill University has a sizable campus with more than 150 buildings. 

This university is for you if you want to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree programme with a focus on extensive practical research.

It does provide the facilities you need to develop your potential and make your aspirational innovations a reality, while being extremely pricey and competitive.

It goes without saying that the university’s endowment fund is utilized to support a number of research programmes, scholarships, and other educational activities.

University of Alberta

An endowment fund of $1.3 billion makes the University of Alberta one of Canada’s top institutions for research and innovation.

With more than 40,000 students registered in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programmes, it is the biggest university in the Canadian province of Alberta and is located in Edmonton.

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In areas like biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and health sciences, the university has a significant emphasis on science.

Queen’s University

One of Canada’s oldest institutions of higher learning is Queen’s University, which was founded in 1841 and is situated in Kingston, Ontario.

The university is well-known for its research and teaching accomplishments and has an endowment fund worth $1.152 billion. A variety of faculties are available at Queen’s, including the faculties of education, engineering, business, and law.

As a result of the university’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, all students will find themselves in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Western University

With an endowment fund of $807.3 million, Western University in London, Ontario, ranks among the wealthiest universities in the country. The university has a number of faculties, including those for the arts and humanities, education, engineering, health sciences, and science.

Western University is known across the world for its excellence in advanced manufacturing, medical imaging, neurology, and other fields. The university has approximately 36,000 students with a concentration on research and innovation.

University of Waterloo

Richest universities in Canada
Richest universities in Canada

Located in Waterloo, Ontario, the institution of Waterloo is a public research institution. It is regarded as one of Canada’s wealthiest institutions with an endowment fund of $627 million.

Over 36,000 students attend the institution, which is well known for placing a heavy emphasis on experiential learning. There are six faculties at the university, including the faculties of engineering, mathematics, environment, and health.

The university prioritizes entrepreneurship and innovation, which has helped it gain recognition as one of Canada’s top universities for innovation.

McMaster University

Ontario’s Hamilton is home to McMaster University, a public research institution. Its faculty of health sciences, which includes the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, and other institutions, is well known for its research and teaching in the health sciences.

Its endowment fund is $488 million. Science, social sciences, engineering, humanities, and business are some of the faculties that McMaster has to offer.All areas of study are encouraged to innovate and thrive by the university’s collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to research.

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University of Guelph

One of Canada’s wealthiest universities is the University of Guelph, which is based in Guelph, Ontario, and has an endowment fund of $469 million. It has a number of faculties, including the College of Biological Science, Engineering, Science, Business, Arts, and Social Sciences.

The university has a significant focus on research and is home to some of the greatest research institutions in the nation, such as the Intercultural Dialogue Institute, the Advanced Analysis Centre, the Centre for Urban Ecology, and the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.

University of Saskatchewan

Over 25,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programmes at the University of Saskatchewan, which is one of Canada’s biggest universities and is situated in Saskatoon.

The institution has a $357 million endowment fund and a number of colleges, including the Edwards School of Business, the Edwards School of Arts and Sciences, the Edwards School of Education, the Edwards School of Engineering, Law, and Veterinary Medicine. 

It is well known that the University of Saskatchewan excels in research and innovation in fields like agriculture, energy, water, and the environment.


The endowment funds of the universities described in this article are sizable and are used to promote innovative research and teaching programmes.

Every university, from the University of Guelph to the University of British Columbia, has its own distinct advantages and ways of advancing the knowledge economy in Canada. 

They have continuously shown their commitment to innovation, education, and research, and they have helped to establish Canada as a leader in academics around the world.

It goes without saying that they deserve to be referred to as top academic institutions in the world and proud ambassadors of Canada on the international stage given their stellar records and reputations.

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