Best Fashion Schools and Colleges in Canada (2024)

There are a lot of top-quality Fashion Schools and Colleges in Canada. In case, you want to pursue your dreams and passion, enrolling in one of Canada’s best fashion design schools is a good place to start.

In this article, we have gathered some of the best fashion schools in Canada with their location, fees, websites, and fashion programs they offered.

The below-listed schools and fashion colleges in Canada are not just popular and recognized widely, they prepare their students with top-quality fashion courses and skills.

8 Best Fashion Schools and Colleges in Canada

1. Humber College

This is a fashion college in Canada located in Toronto, Ontario. The fashion school runs different types of programs for potential fashion designers whether diploma, postgraduate or undergraduate study.

The school offers theoretical, practical, and technical knowledge/education on various fashion courses including Fashion Management, Fashion promotion, fashion arts, and so on. An average of $6,838.80 is paid per session depending on the courses you choose. Visit the Humber College Website: for more details.

2. George Brown College

This is also one of the top fashion schools in Canada and it is located at No. 350, Victoria Street, Toronto. According to the global rating, George Brown College is the 24th-best fashion school in the world.

With over 800 fashion students, they offer different fashion courses and programs. Some of which revolve around the fashion business industry and fashion management.

Enrolling to learn fashion design at this school allows you to learn both practical (technical know-how) and theoretical knowledge of fashion. The students also have the undue advantage of owning a retail fashion store.

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They are mandated to own these stores to carry out what they have learned. The tuition fee of George Brown College is between $10,800 and $20,100 per session depending on the course.

3. Ryerson University School of Fashion

Ryerson University School of Fashion is one of the most popular fashion schools in Canada. Most of the top-performing fashion designers and experts finished school.

The likes of Todd Lynn and Erden Moralioghi are proof that the school not only meets the standard but also offers quality training.

About 600 undergraduates and potential fashion designers are currently studying in Canada’s best fashion design school. Also, these undergraduates are introduced to different top-performing fashion designers and experts during their studies.

This is just to boost their motivation. The school which is located at 160, Kandal in Toronto, Ontario has tuition fees ranging from $19,320 to $22,500. You can visit the Ryerson University School of Fashion Website for more details about school admission.

4. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Like other best fashion schools in Canada, Kwantlen Polytechnic University also focuses on different fashion courses and programs.

They focus on different aspects ranging from Fashion marketing to fashion and Tech, Technical Apparel Design and so many other modern fashion programs.

If you are willing to explore clothing creation and know-how to market different clothes designs, use social media and other techy aspects of fashion. Kwantlen Polytechnic and University is the best fit for such.

Canada’s fashion school offers opportunities to both undergraduates and post-graduates at an average fee of $61,838.80 depending on the course. Visit the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Website: to know more about the school.

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5. Lasalle College International

Lasalle College International campus is located in Montreal in Canada with an average tuition fee of $6300. Over 900 potential fashion experts are enrolled in learning the ropes and skills of fashion designing in Canada.

The students are presented with many opportunities to learn and showcase their design skills. This is possible as a result of the school’s numerous partnerships with different brands and fashion companies around the world. Fashion Courses like fashion marketing and fashion designing are popular courses among fashion school undergraduates.

With these numerous characteristics, it can be concluded that Lasalle College International is one of the best fashion colleges in Canada. Visit their website at

6. Coco Fashion Design Institute

This is another popular fashion school in Canada which is located physically at 348 Ryding Avenue in Toronto. The tuition fees of Coco Fashion Design Institute range between $975 to $4500 depending on the programs chosen.

The private fashion college in Canada offers different courses on fashion Designing, pattern making, garment construction, makeup, and another artistry course. Also, the school employed the services of experienced teachers with a conducive environment which makes learning easier for students.

7. Seneca College

Unlike fashion schools in Canada where only fashion-related courses are offered, Seneca college also offers other non-fashion courses. Programs and courses related to the aviation industry, engineering, communication technology, business, etc are being offered.

For people who are interested in studying fashion courses, the school has numerous courses including fashion arts, fashion business, fashion management, fashion studies, and so on. Seneca College tuition fees range between $3539 to $10,618. The campus which is located in Newnham is one of the largest college campuses in Canada with over 11,000 students.

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8. Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College ( is another fashion college in Canada located physically in London, Ontario. The school also offers students different fashion programs where fashion designing and merchandising skills are learned.

The fashion school has over 500 international students from different countries. About 200 degrees including diploma and certificate programs are being awarded by the fashion college yearly. Fanshawe College tuition fees range between $8,806 to $14037.

More on the Best Fashion Schools in Canada

Canada is filled with many top fashion schools and colleges but we have taken our time to select the best.

Even though their school fees are quite on the high side but it is definitely worth the amount. Considering the standard maintained by these schools, their relevance globally, and the amount of vocational training given to students.

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