Top 10 Cheapest Film Schools In Canada (2024)

Directing, camera operation, cinematography, scriptwriting, and producing roles are just a few of the prestigious careers that fall under the umbrella of filmmaking. With some of the occupations that a filmmaking degree can assist you in obtaining, you can be certain that you’ll have stimulating and fulfilling employment.

For overseas students looking for a degree at a reasonable price, studying cinematography or other similar disciplines in Canada is a smart choice. With top-notch film, visual effects, animation, and post-production companies employing thousands of creative individuals across the nation, Canada’s multibillion-dollar television and film industry has withstood the global pandemic better than many others.

Many different programs and levels of degrees are available from Canadian film colleges. Those who are passionate about filmmaking can pursue their education to the furthest extent possible, choosing from accelerated one-year programs through BAs, BFAs, MAs, MFAs, and PhDs.

In addition to housing some of the best film schools in the world, these locations provide students with the standard college experience.

Previously, we discussed the Best Fashion Schools and Colleges in Canada. In this article, we review the top ten cheapest film schools in Canada and what each of these schools has to offer.

Cheapest Film Schools in Canada

Film school
Cheapest film schools in Canada

The top ten cheapest film schools in Canada are:

University of British Columbia: Department of Film and Theater

The University of British Columbia is considered as North America’s most elite university and is regularly placed in the top 20 public universities in the world.

It is one of the cheapest film schools in Canada. The famous film training department at UBC’s Vancouver campus has developed cutting-edge performers and theatrical techniques for more than 50 years.

The Department of Theatre and Cinema at UBC provides a wide choice of degrees in the study of theatre and film, with the possibility to study in an interdisciplinary setting alongside Creative Writing and other academic fields.

A BA or BFA in Cinema or Theatre Studies can be earned at the University of British Columbia. In contrast to the BFA, which combines theory with practice, artistry, and research, the BA is more concentrated on the theoretical understanding.

Concordia University: Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

Among the bustling city’s film industry, Concordia University offers the ideal setting for learning the craft of filmmaking. Montréal is a vibrant, multiethnic metropolis.

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A cinema school with its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, is called the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, which is a part of Concordia University’s College of Fine Arts. This school is also one of the cheapest film schools in Canada.

MHSoC is the abbreviation used informally. The faculty of the school has close ties to the industry and attracts more than 50,000 students a year to study animation, film production, and cinema studies.

Studying includes a variety of film-related opportunities and courses. A few of the instructors for the courses are professors as well as recognized authorities in filmmaking and other forms of media.

Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School is one of the top film schools in Canada. It was founded in 1987. With numerous production facilities, VFS functions like a big movie studio.

Acting, animation, film and television production, screenplay, programming, interactive or gaming design, and other artistic fields are all offered as courses at the institution.

In the center of Canada’s Hollywood North, the school additionally delivers 15 post-secondary degrees across eight locations in Vancouver, taught by experts in the field. The school’s alumni directory will be available to you, and you can network with people who can assist you advance your career.

A one-year film-producing diploma is available here. Two of the five main streams—directing, production, post-production, product design, and cinematography—can be chosen by students as their areas of specialization. In light of all it has to offer, Vancouver Film School remains one of the cheapest film schools in Canada.

Red Deer College

The Bachelor of Applied Motion Picture Arts at Red Deer University provides comprehensive post-diploma training for college graduates and professionals in the film business, which is unique among Canadian film institutions.

The program equips you with the skills necessary to share your story with the world through movies, with a focus on dramatic narrative filmmaking. Film production and live entertainment are two of the key options available in the program.

During the four years, students might work in a connected business or on their own projects while receiving guided job experience. The courses cover a variety of topics, including post-production, advanced cinematography, and visual basics. It is also one of the cheapest film schools in Canada.

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University of Toronto: Cinema Studies Institute

One of the major undergraduate cinema study programs in Canada is offered by the Cinema Studies Institute at the University of Toronto.

A doctoral degree in cinema studies, a bachelor’s program in film studies, and courses in aesthetic, technological, economic, and sociocultural theory are all available at the University of Toronto. If you’re a student looking for financial help, the Cinema Studies Institute is a viable option.

The institute specifically provides nine undergraduate students enrolled in the cinema studies program of study with scholarships. Fundamentals, genre and modes, social and cultural practices, theory and criticism, history and country, and independent studies are the seven areas into which all courses are divided.

Cheapest film schools in Canada
Cheapest film schools in Canada

York University: School of Arts

The earliest film school in Canada is housed in York University’s Film Department. A 4-year BFA (bachelor of fine arts) in Production with a concentration in filmmaking is offered by the university. Courses in formatting, videography, and sound are part of York University’s four-year degree, along with screenwriting, producing, and directing exercises.

The focus at York University is on technical expertise blended with creative elements including expression, narrative, and social interaction. The York Screenwriting Program is one of the greatest in all of North America, and film classes there often have no more than 25 participants.

Students explore career options, develop relationships with potential employers, and gain practical experience under the guidance of award-winning specialists with practical exposure through field placements, internship opportunities, and the school’s collaborations with enterprises and arts institutions.

Ryerson University: School of Image Arts

Internationally acclaimed Ryerson’s School of Visual Arts is a premier undergraduate institution that offers majors in the fields of film and photography with a blend of studio, presentation, and lab courses that incorporate research in both fine arts and commercial production.

To prepare students for careers in commercial production and the fine arts, the course combines lectures with lab sessions. The techniques of writing, directing, filmmaking, editing, and production design will be taught to the students here.

A person who completes this course is qualified to work on commercial, documentary, and fiction film productions. Technology and production processes for digital media are taught to students.

Simon Fraser University: School for Contemporary Arts

In addition to academic components learned in the classroom, Simon Fraser University, founded in 1965, places a strong emphasis on practical learning. 24 students in a cohort who cycle through the program are the basis of Simon Fraser University’s operation.

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The opportunity to increase one’s knowledge of various artistic disciplines is abundant for students at Simon Fraser University. One of the subjects covered at the institution is real productions with famous experts and academics. 50 applicants are given the chance to participate in a 15-minute interview after being chosen from a pool of about 125 applications.

The fourth year of study requires students to make a film that they will screen at the Concordia Film Festival. This film must be produced, shot, and edited by them.

Fanshawe University:

One of Ontario’s biggest institutions, Fanshawe College is situated in the southwest of the province and enrolls more than 43,000 students each year. The college provides degree programs and online continuing education courses in TV, Digital Media, and Film, which are instructed by seasoned experts in the film business.

Students looking for practical skills to equip them with the knowledge necessary to enter the film and television industries might consider Fanshawe’s practical Advanced Filmmaking program.

Your technical, theoretical, and creative skills will be expanded upon as you progress through this graduate certificate program, and you’ll learn about the opportunities that come with joining a film crew. With the chance to complete an internship, you will obtain knowledge about the Canadian film industry.

Queen’s University

One of the premier universities in Films Production in Canada, Queen’s University, was founded in 1841. Both undergraduate and graduate students can choose from a variety of filmmaking programs offered by the university.

The film and television industries, both domestically and internationally, are thought to favor Queen’s University alumni. Television, film, media, and the arts are all areas in which the institution confers degrees and graduates students.

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This piece has discussed the top ten cheapest film schools in Canada. For more information regarding any of them, please let us know in the comment section. Thank you for your time.

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