Top 10 Richest Women In Canada (2024)

Canada as an economically flamboyant country has attracted lots of immigrants from diverse countries over the years. Most of these individuals have also become productive and have risen to fame within their period in Canada.

Asides from the immigrants, there are also citizens of Canada who delved into the wealth-creating industries and have made quite a fortune. Some of the Females in Canada have been financially explorative and have tendered ranks as the richest women in Canada.

The females in Canada and specifically the richest women in Canada are undeterred and productive women, who through their many investments in booming industries have made major contributions to the economy of Canada.

Canada has appreciated not only in population size but also in their Gross Domestic Product per Capita and job creation. Some of the wealthiest females in Canada as we have detailed in this post are high-profile personalities who have also made it to the lists of the richest women in the world and the world’s wealthiest persons.

The richest women in Canada are not tagged the wealthiest only because of the riches they have stocked up in their accounts, but due to the assets and investments they have built up over the years, which has in turn led to the provision of employment opportunities, and career paths for the younger generations in Canada.

List Of The Top Ten Richest Women In Canada

1. Sherry Brydson

Net worth – 8.57 billion USD

Major Investment – Woodbridge

Sherry Brydson is a popular businesswoman, TV personality, and one of the most influential persons in Canada. She is recognized as the richest Canadian woman. She is related to David Thompson, who happens to be the 3rd Baron of Fleet (A British Royal Navy).

She manages the largest stakes in Woodbridge, the family holding company, and also heads Thomas Reuters, a News, and Media firm. Though she is not the head of the Thomas Reuters company, she makes a great fortune there; one of her top financiers is one of the richest women in Canada.

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Also, at the Woodbridge company, she assists in generating a revenue of 11 billion USD, which enables them to pay up their 45,000 employees worldwide.

2. Mirella Saputo

Net worth – 5.2 billion USD

Major Investment – Saputo Incorporated

Mirella Saputo owns major shares in Saputo Incorporated, a dairy production firm that was founded by her husband, Lino Saputo. After 40 years working at the company, Lino Saputo handed over management of the company to his son, Lino Jr.

Saputo Incorporated has expanded to be localized in different countries with investments in the media, sports, and transportation industries. The total revenue and annual income of the company are currently estimated to be 14.9 billion USD and 600 million USD respectively. These are very common financial figures among the richest women in Canada.

3. Susan Niczowski

Net worth – 2.95 billion USD

Major Investment – Summer Fresh

Susan Niczowski became a wealthy Canadian woman up to the extent of a billionaire by sheer luck. She is a microbiologist and gained her degree at the University of Toronto.

She discovered methods of preserving fresh foods, then founded her own company Susan Fresh Salads, which is a major distributor of groceries in all of Canada.

It was after she established her company, that she started ranking among the richest women in Canada. The company is estimated to earn hundreds of millions as its total revenue each year.

4. Heather Reisman

Net worth – 2.93 billion USD

Major Investment – Indigo Books

Heather Reisman is a philanthropist and the founder of the tech business, a company that generates over a hundred billion each year as its revenue. She began a career at McGill University before she started working as a Social worker.

Now she is currently one of the richest women in Canada and a business owner. She founded Indigo, an online retail book store, one of the largest bookshops and book clubs in Canada. The Indigo company expanded to include the sales of gift items on their counters. The company has branches and offices in various countries.

5. Rita Bronfman

Net worth – 2.1 billion USD

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Major Investment – Seagram

Rita Bronfman is the wife of Charles Bronfman, the current CEO of Seagram. The couple is rated among the richest couples in the world. They have increased the scope of their company to include investments in sports, drinks, oil, and gas.

The investments that the family made over the years, brought Rita up to be one of the richest women in Canada. They also founded a history and advertising firm. Rita and Charles Bronfman are both American and Canadian citizens and hold their companies in both countries.

Charles Bronfman’s father, Samuel Bronfman used to be the most powerful Canadian Jew and President of the Jewish Congress in Diaspora. Due to the influence and affluence, she has pooled over the years, Rita is rated among the richest women in Canada.

6. Phyllis Lambert

Net worth – 2 billion USD

Major Investment – Seagram

Phyllis Lambert is a high-profile personality and major stakeholder at the Seagram company. She is the sister-in-law to Rita Bronfman as her father, Samuel Bronfman founded the company but handed the reins of the firm to her brother, Charles Bronfman.

Asides from the Seagram dynasty, Phyllis owns an art gallery in France where she spends most of her time. She is also highly rated as an undiluted and skillful architect, which has earned her numerous awards over the years. Some of the accolades she has received include; the Golden Lion from the Venice Biennale of Architecture and the Order Of Canada Award.

7. Celine Dion

Net worth – 800 million USD

Major Investment – Feeling Inc.

Celine Dion is one of the richest musicians in the world and a highly-paid entertainer in the US and is undoubtedly the most successful female musician. She began her career in music by singing in French before she started recording English songs.

She has also tutored some of the world’s top entertainers on her success secrets. Celine co-founded Feeling Inc. alongside her late husband, René Dion. The company is an artist management studio based in Quebec, her hometown. She also put in major investments to establish the Le Mirage Golf club.

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She also owns capital investments and stakes in Canadian restaurants. Celine Dion is not just one of the richest women in Canada but also an influential personality in the Canadian economy.

8. Mandy Rennehan

Net worth – 650 million USD

Major Investment – Freshco

Mandy Rennehan is a Self-made multimillionaire and entrepreneur. She founded Freshco, a chain of supermarkets that deals in the sales of groceries at discounted prices. She was born into a humble home in Nova Scotia and learned fishing from her father, who used to be a Lobster Fisher.

9. Shania Twain

Net worth – 400 million USD

Major Investment – Music Industry

Shania Twain born Eileen Regina Edwards is among the richest women in Canada and has gained a lot of stage presence over the years. She is one of the hottest female artists in the world currently and has amassed millions over the years through her music career.

At a younger age, her talent as a singer attracted the Canadian record producer, Mutt Lange, who helped her in the release of her second album in 1955. It was after her second album gained Global exposure that she was recognized as one of the richest women in Canada.

10. Coco Rocha

Net worth – 185 million USD

Major Investment – Modelling Company

Coco Rocha is a model and fashion icon that has built empires in the modeling industry. She has made numerous appearances on the front page covers of big magazines in Canada and in the world like; Vogue Italia 2006.

As a Fashionista, she has designed clothes under top fashion designers including; Flare, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Harper’s Bazaar, and Christian Lacroix.


There are lots of influential and successful women in Canada that has continually made progress over the years.

The richest women in Canada in this list are majorly global residents in Canada and immigrants. Their retail chains and conglomerates have boosted the wealth and economy of Canada.

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