Top 10 Richest People In Edmonton (2024)

Numerous well-off people who have significantly impacted a number of businesses in Edmonton and beyond call the city home. Finance, oil and gas, technology, and other sectors have made this city a hub.

These people, who range from businesspeople and philanthropists to financiers and owners of professional sports teams, have contributed to establishing Edmonton as a center for innovation and entrepreneurship and shaping the city’s commercial landscape.

This makes it hardly surprising that some of the richest people in Canada reside in the city. The top ten richest people in Edmonton will be examined in this article.

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Richest people in Edmonton
Richest People in Edmonton

Richest People in Edmonton

The top ten richest people in Edmonton are:

Daryl Katz

Net Worth: $4.24 billion

The Katz Group is a privately owned enterprise with holdings in a number of sectors, particularly real estate, sports and entertainment, and pharmacy retail. Daryl Katz is the CEO and founder of the company.

An ice hockey professional team in the National Hockey League (NHL), the Edmonton Oilers, is owned by Katz as well.

Fred & Ron Mannix

Net Worth: $3.3 billion

Canadian Business estimates that the Mannix family is worth $3.3 billion. The two guys, who graduated from the University of Alberta, are thoughtful members of society.

Fred and Ron are among the wealthiest families in Canada, yet they choose to keep their personal affairs confidential.

The Mannix family has contributed significantly to the economic advancement of Canada throughout its history.

The information on them online is so scarce that a straightforward Google search turns up nearly nothing.

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Ronald Southern

Net Worth: $2.3 billion

In 1947, Canadian entrepreneur Ronald Southern and his brother established ATCO Ltd.

Southern, who was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1930, first worked for his family’s trucking company, Southern Alberta Trucking Company, before launching ATCO.

Longtime ATCO CEO and Chairman, Southern guided the organization as it expanded to become one of the biggest and most prosperous enterprises in Canada.

In January 2016, he passed away. One of the most significant corporate figures in Alberta’s history, he left a lasting legacy.

Murray Edwards

Net Worth: $2.18 billion

December 10, 1959 marked Norman Murray Edwards’ birth. In addition to being a co-owner of the hockey franchise Calgary Flames, he is a Canadian oil sands financier.

Edwards completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan, where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce with high distinction. In 1982, he moved on to the University of Toronto, where he earned an LL.B. with honors the following year.

Through investments in energy firms, Edwards amassed wealth. Along with Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Magellan Aerospace Corporation, and Ensign Energy Services Inc., he founded a number of significant Canadian businesses.

Sheldon Casavant

Net Worth: $1.8 billion

Sheldon Casavant is a Canadian magician. He has won the hearts of spectators all around the world with his shows. The Canadian Western Bank, a publicly traded banking company with locations all over Canada, is owned and run by Sheldon Casavant.

Along with his commercial endeavors, Casavant is a philanthropist who has given millions of dollars to numerous nonprofit organizations.

Edmonton, Canada
Richest People in Edmonton

The Riddell Family

Net Worth: $1.62 billion

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The Riddell Family are one of the richest people in Edmonton today. Paramount Resources is a well-known company owned by the Riddell family. Initially established in the 1970s, this business was started by Clay Riddell. His son, however, took over once he passed away.

Natural gas and other crude oil byproducts are the focus of the petroleum corporation, Paramount Resources, which also specializes in the production and processing of these byproducts.

Other subsidiaries of the corporation are all involved in the energy sector. 2018 saw the passing of the company’s founder, Clay Riddell. His son Jim has been in charge of running the business ever since.

Dr. Michael Tutt

Net Worth: $1.6 billion

Micralyne, a renowned micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) design and production firm, was founded and is led by Dr. Michael Tutt. Tutt has backed numerous prosperous firms and is a well-known angel investor.

Ronald P. LaBrie

Net Worth: $1.34 billion

Ronald LaBrie is one of the richest people in Edmonton, Canada. Stantec, an international engineering and design company that is publicly traded, is led by Ronald P. LaBrie. Stantec’s footprint in North America has grown thanks in large part to LaBrie, who has also helped the company find new commercial prospects.

Cameron MacDonald

Net Worth: $1.12 billion

The Edmonton Expo Centre and Northlands Park are only two of the well-known facilities in Edmonton that are managed by Northlands, a non-profit corporation that was founded and is led by Cameron MacDonald.

Along with his commercial endeavors, MacDonald is a well-known philanthropist who has donated millions to numerous charity organisations.

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Brian Bietz

Net Worth: $1.02 billion

Sureway Construction Group, a well-known firm that specializes in civil construction with operations across Western Canada, was founded and is led by Brian Bietz.

Sureway’s operations have grown significantly under Bietz’s leadership, and the business now occupies a prominent position in its sector.


This piece has discussed the top ten richest people in Edmonton today alongside their bet worth.

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