Best 10 Modeling Agencies In Montreal (2024)

What agencies are the best modeling agencies in Montreal?

The modeling business is a dynamic one, with new faces and fashion trends emerging frequently. For many years prior, Canada served as the center of the modeling and fashion industries.

Numerous prominent models from around the world reside there as well. Finding the correct agency can have a significant impact on your success, whether you are just starting out or have a long career. 

Do you live in Montreal? Then it gets much better for you because of that. Some of the most prosperous modeling agencies are based in Montreal, which has emerged as one of Canada’s top destinations for fashion.

In this article, we will review the best ten model agencies you will find in Montreal and why you should definitely consider going to one of those on this list. 

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Modeling Agencies In Montreal
Modeling Agencies In Montreal

Model Agencies In Montreal 

The best ten model agencies in Montreal today are: 

MAVEN Models 

MAVEN Models is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to start a career in modeling, regardless of whether you’re just getting started or you already have an understanding of what it’s about.

For more than ten years, MAVEN Models has worked with individuals who aren’t afraid to break the mold by showcasing their unique talents.  

The company takes great satisfaction in giving its devoted clientele top-notch service and talents. In Montreal’s modeling community, they are recognised as trend-setters. There, you can locate the style you’re looking for.

SPECS Model Management 

Since its establishment 25 years ago, The SPECS Model Management has been instrumental in shaping Canadian fashion.

The first full-service agency for finding and nurturing models in Montreal and worldwide, SPECS Model Management was established in 1990 by Marie Josée Trempe. 

A model agency in Montreal named SPECS Model places a high value on a model’s potential and talent. More than just a personal representation service is offered by their team of professionals.

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The agents established goals in accordance with their talents and capabilities in order for the model to function as intended. Additionally, they make sure that their relationship with the client is excellent and healthy.

Next Models Canada 

In 1999, Next Models Canada first established a location in Montreal. Next Models Canada is the place to go if you’re a model looking for top-notch training with the aim of integrating you into the fashion industry.

Search engines place this agency at the top for Montreal agencies, and their fees are fair. 

They have shown that they are dedicated to promoting the success of its models both within and outside of Canada. The greatest models are chosen through their agency’s dynamic selection procedure.

They vow to uphold their lively and prompt attitude to their clientele because they have been carefully screened through numerous methods.

Model agency
Modeling Agencies In Montreal

Folio Montreal 

Canada’s largest model and artist management agency, Folio Montreal, was established more than 35 years ago. This company enjoys a solid reputation in the sector. It has been a pioneer in the sector ever since, with a diverse clientele.

This firm offers its clients unmatched support from beginning to end, regardless of whether you’re a new professional just starting your career or an experienced professional. 

The agency has persisted in building a dependable and trustworthy network in the sector for many years. They get along well with the client, and things have been getting better for years.

Folio Montreal is pleased of each success story because they are dedicated to provide its clients with world-class representation for all of their special abilities and skill sets.

Dulcedo Management 

Dulcedo is a fully operational talent agency and boutique digital advertising business with headquarters in Montreal and Toronto and satellite offices throughout the globe.

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It helps models, influencers, producers, athletes, celebrities, and many other powerful people establish their personal brands. Dulcedo provides services to assist creative people in reaching their objectives. 

They are dedicated to promoting the success of their clients and providing business owners with the tools and resources they need to outperform the competition.

Additionally, this firm assists clients in standing out from both direct and indirect competition by utilising their special abilities and personalities.

You can always count on standing out from the crowd whether you’re using traditional or online media channels by staying true to both your audience and your own personal brand.

Orange Model Management 

The modest business Orange Model Management Inc., which was founded in 2006 with the goal of representing the greatest and most talented models for the satisfaction of its clients, has expanded to become one of Canada’s top model agencies.

It is a global modelling agency that has collaborated with numerous local, regional, and global models. Their primary goals are to uphold customer expectations, portray the newest fashion trends, and mould models to their full potential.

Modeling Agencies In Montreal

Agence Scoop 

The Montreal, Canadian, and international modelling scenes have been represented by Agence Scoop ever since it was founded. The firm has built a network of the most dependable and varied contacts throughout the years.

In a variety of topics pertaining to the fashion industry, she works with clients and powerful individuals. Many individuals, both male and female, have benefited from Scoop’s knowledge and developed a solid reputation as models as a result.

Montage Models Inc 

Nadia Canova and Tina Petro, the company’s co-founders, launched Montage Models in 1990, and it swiftly established a reputation both domestically and internationally.

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Montage Models has expanded significantly over the past 25 years and has continued to firmly establish its place in the fashion industry as a consequence of its dedication to offering high-quality services and outcomes. 

With an astounding 25 years of expertise, the agency is currently one that is widely regarded within the fashion business.

Montage continuously provides clients seeking outstanding models and local and worldwide commercial affairs with excellent service thanks to its knowledgeable agents.

New Wave Models 

Among the reputable commercial model and artist management firms in Canada, New Wave Model Management is situated in Montreal.

Professional actors, models, and other talent are all represented by this agency in North America. The firm works to create tomorrow’s models and artists by maintaining an industry vision and recognising the possibilities for new, intriguing talent.

Modeling Agencies In Montreal
Modeling Agencies In Montreal

Femme Fatale Media & Promotions 

Emily Lyon established Femme Fatale Media & Promotions in 2007. The agency, which is a privately held business, is devoted to providing the highest quality and service available in the market.

A promotional model agency in Montreal works with its models to develop their skills so they can be a benefit to the business where they work. 

The models receive specialized training to prepare them for whichever careers they choose. Femme Fatale Media can accommodate everything from tiny private parties to big corporate events while still providing the same level of care and attention to detail that has become its signature.


It might be a very difficult task to determine which agencies are ideal for you. Many of the top models were developed in Montreal, mostly thanks to the influence of the aforementioned modeling companies.

These agencies will mentor you and help you develop a modeling career whether you want to start from scratch or pick up where you left off.

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