15 Top Car Companies In Canada (2024)

What are the top 15 car companies in Canada today?

Canada has an extensive track record of producing cars, and the sector is always growing as new, cutting-edge businesses enter the market.

The car industry in Canada is thriving and varied. Customers have a wide range of alternatives to pick from when it comes to buying or leasing a vehicle because each company has its own distinctive features, advantages, and limitations.

In this piece, we review the top 15 car companies in Canada. The 15 firms featured in this article manufacture a variety of automobiles, trucks, SUVs, and electric vehicles that are prevalent among Canadian buyers.

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Car Companies in Canada

The top 15 car companies in Canada are:


The Ford Motor Company was established in 1903, with its main office located in Dearborn, Michigan.

Under the Ford and Lincoln brands, Ford manufactures a variety of automobiles, pickup trucks, and SUVs. Over 4,500 employees work for their Canadian operations, which are situated in Oakville, Ontario.


Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese international company that manufactures hybrid, pickup trucks, SUVs, and cars.

The Canadian headquarters of Toyota, which manufactures well-known vehicles like the Corolla and Camry, is in Toronto, Ontario.


Honda Motor Company is a Japanese company that manufactures vehicles, motorcycles, and power tools.

The Civic and Accord are only two of the well-known vehicles Honda makes. They also provide hybrid and electric models. In Markham, Ontario, you can find the Honda office in Canada.


Hyundai, a South Korean automaker, runs Ulsan, South Korea’s largest unified vehicle manufacturing complex, with a 1.6 million-unit yearly capacity for manufacturing. The business manufactures vehicles, pickup trucks, and SUVs.

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Elantra and Santa Fe are two cars made by Hyundai that are popular with consumers. Through 5,000 dealerships and exhibition spaces, Hyundai vehicles are sold in 193 different countries.

Car companies
Car companies in Canada

FCA Canada

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a large international company that manufactures well-known brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo, has a branch in Canada called FCA Canada.

In Windsor, Ontario, where they have operations in Canada, they employ more than 6,000 people.


Volkswagen Group is a German global conglomerate that manufactures cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs using the Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Bugatti brand names. Richmond Hill, Ontario, is where they have a branch in Canada.


A Japanese global firm that manufactures cars and SUVs goes by Mazda Motor firm.

The Canadian headquarters of Mazda is in Richmond Hill, Ontario, where they manufacture well-known vehicles such as the Mazda3 and CX-5.


The headquarters of Nissan Motor Co., a global Japanese automaker, is located in Nishi-ku, Yokohama.

This multinational firm manufactures electric vehicles, SUVs, pickup trucks, and sedans. In Mississauga, Ontario, Nissan has a branch that serves Canada.

Kia Motors

With its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, Kia Corporation, more often known as Kia, is a global South Korean car manufacturer.

In Mississauga, Ontario, Kia has a Canadian location that sells models such as the Sorento and Sportage, two well-known ones.

It sold more than 2.8 million automobiles in South Korea in 2019, making it the country’s second-largest automaker after its parent firm, Hyundai Motor firm. Produced by this company are vehicles, pickup trucks, and SUVs.

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The auto branch of Japanese transportation giant Subaru Corporation, which in 2017 had the 21st-largest global manufacturer production, is known as Subaru. Subaru creates well-known automobiles like the Outback and Forester.

On the 15th of July 1953, Kenji Kita established this business. Most Subaru automobiles feature a boxer engine architecture, which has earned brand recognition. In Mississauga, Ontario, the company’s Canadian headquarters are situated.

General Motors

In the United States, Detroit, Michigan serves as the corporate headquarters for the General Motors Company, a worldwide automobile manufacturing Company. Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC are its four main automaker brands.

It held the leading position in the globe for 77 years before being surpassed by Toyota in 2008, making it the biggest carmaker globally and in the US by sales in 2022. In eight different nations, General Motors has production plants.

car companies in Canada
Car companies in Canada


Electric automobiles and other renewable energy items are produced by the American multinational firm Tesla.

The business creates and produces solar panels, solar roof tiles, electric vehicles, residential and grid-scale battery energy storage, and other associated goods and services.

Toronto, Ontario is home to Tesla’s Canadian office, which manufactures well-known vehicles like the Model S and Model X.


The headquarters of the German luxury vehicle manufacturer Audi is situated in Ingolstadt, Bavaria.

In nine manufacturing plants across the world, Audi makes automobiles as a division of its parent business, the Volkswagen Group. Popular models from Audi, which has a Canadian presence in Ajax, Ontario, include the A4 and Q5.

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW)

Located in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, BMW is a worldwide company that produces premium automobiles and motorcycles.

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The German manufacturer manufactures SUVs, motorcycles, and luxury automobiles. X5 and the BMW 3 Series are two of BMW’s well-known vehicles.

The company was created in 1916 to manufacture aeroplane engines, which it did during the period 1917 to 1918 and once more from 1933 to 1945. Ontario’s Richmond Hill serves as the company’s headquarters.


Mercedes-Benz is a German global corporation that manufactures high-end vehicles and SUVs. Mercedes-Benz manufactures widely used vehicles including the C-Class and E-Class. Toronto, Ontario serves as the company’s headquarters.


The top car companies in Canada today have been discussed in this piece. For further enquiry, please use the comment box below. We’d respond as soon as we can.

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