Top 10 Chemical Companies In Canada (2024)

What are the top ten chemical companies in Canada today? A sizable portion of the industrial landscape is made up of chemicals, which are also employed to create a vast array of goods.

Chemical businesses in Canada remain ranked among the top employers, not only in Canada but in many other industrialized nations due to the ongoing need for chemical products for agriculture, healthcare, engineering, as well as other applications.

You could think about some of the chemical firms in Canada if you’re seeking a job or a stable career where you may advance and realize your potential. The businesses highlighted in this article are providers and producers of chemicals that are completely reshaping the Canadian chemical industry.

In this article, we review the top ten chemical companies in Canada and why they appear on our list.

Chemical Companies in Canada

The top ten chemical companies in Canada are:


Chemical Companies in Canada

Chemtrade was established in 2001 and has since gone through years of both organic and revolutionary growth thanks to its numerous acquisitions. Chemtrade is one of the largest sulfur firms in the world right now.

Sulfuric acid, liquid sulfur dioxide (SO2), and sodium hydrosulfite are some of the materials the company supplies in the biggest quantities. Scott Rook serves as the organization’s current CEO. In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at 155 Gordon Baker Drive, Suite 300, is where Chemtrade’s main office can be found.

The business is also a major recycler of used acid. Chemtrade is one of the biggest sulfur handlers in the world, thus there is a ton of opportunity in this business. The business also makes a significant amount of chemicals for water treatment.


Chemical Companies in Canada
Chemical Companies in Canada

Since its establishment in 1885, BASF has developed into one of Canada’s leading and most prestigious chemical manufacturers. It would require a lot of time and room to cover this company’s broad and diverse portfolio.

The creation of various products utilizing chemistry is the focus of the multifaceted business BASF. To put it another way, BASF uses chemistry in the manufacture of a variety of goods that serve as answers to some of the problems that face personally. For homes and businesses, the company also makes laminate flooring and shoes.

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Also, this business manufactures the raw materials needed in printing, packing, glue, and other construction-related products. Moreover, they can be found in brake fluids, engine coolants, and even electronic navigation and communication equipment.

Air Liquide

Chemical Companies in Canada
Chemical Companies in Canada

Air Liquide is one of the most successful chemical companies in Canada since its inception in 1911. This company has risen to become a global player in the chemical sector and utilizes chemistry to solve a wide range of problems that we face as humans.

This business aspires to be the best in the world at what it does, making it more than merely one of Canada’s top chemical producers. The manufacture of oxygen for use in medical intensive care units in hospitals around the world is one of this company’s key products.

The business is successfully handled by a management team that foresees the difficulties facing its sector and intends to produce value over the long term. The corporation cares for its employees since they are essential to the growth of the business.

NOVA Chemicals

NOVA chemicals
Chemical Companies in Canada

For the benefit of everyone, NOVA Chemicals creates and produces chemicals and plastic resins that are safe, clean, and simple to use. The future is bright for this business because plastic items continue to play a significant role in both residential and industrial life.

The company’s staff works to promote everyone’s health, safety, security, and the improvement of the environment. Mubadala Investment Corporation, based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, now owns the business, which has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


By Herbert Henry Dow, Dow Chemicals was established in 1897. Dow Chemicals is one of the top chemical companies in Canada today. Dow is a corporation that actively engages in the pursuit of novel chemicals that can address current problems in the global community.

It is more than just a chemical manufacturer. According to the business, fusing chemistry and creativity can result in fresh approaches to problems and results that go above and beyond what customers expect. The business supports diversity, accountability, creativity, and individuality as powerful forces.

The value of its employees is given top priority by this business because without the hard work of every single person on its team, from the janitor in the factory to the scientists in the lab, it would not have achieved the level of success that it has.

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More than 170 nations around the world benefit from Ecolab’s comprehensive solutions for customers’ enterprises in the food service, food manufacturing, tourism, medical, industrial, and petroleum and gas industries.

Over 10,000 people work for the company. The business is well-known for its solutions and services in the areas of water, hygiene, and infection prevention. If you want to work for an organization that improves the world, you should probably start here.

Here, you can collaborate with a business that offers effective solutions to promote food quality and safety, uphold healthy and productive environments, improve water and energy consumption, and provide data that can result in positive change. Ecolab is an organization on the rise, with $12 billion in yearly revenues and more than 44,000 employees.


As a producer of lubricant and gasoline additives, Lubrizol is the largest company in the world. Hydraulic, industrial gear, grease, and metalworking additives are just a few examples of the many commercial processes where Lubrizol technology is crucial.

These products are supported by comprehensive examination and performance that has been established. Lubrizol’s additives, which are specifically created for particular applications in particular industries, assist businesses in a variety of sectors, from mining to manufacturing to forestry to food processing.

The company’s Additives division makes engine oil additives to combat sludge, viscosity collapse, and friction-induced component wear. Additionally, it produces fuel additives intended to enhance fuel combustion and stop the accumulation of deposits.

The business additionally manufactures additives for paints, inks, greases, metalworking, and other markets. In Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, at 3700 Steeles Ave West, Suite 201, is where the company’s office is situated.


A 70-year supplier of premium raw materials and services to the world’s paint and coatings business For usage in conventional, high solids, waterborne, ultraviolet curable, and powder coatings for architectural, automotive, and industrial coatings, Eastman offers a broad product portfolio.

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The corporation employs roughly 14,500 people, and there are 50 manufacturing facilities spread across 16 nations. The business manufactures a wide variety of materials, chemicals, and fibers for everyday usage and is an independent, global specialty materials producer.

The business prides itself on having a performance-driven culture where achievement is recognized with incentives. This culture helps the business recruit, keep, reward, and engage top-tier personnel.

Superior Plus

With approximately 890,000 customer locations in the U.S. and Canada, Superior Plus is a major North American distributor and marketer of propane, distillates, and other associated products and services. In all of the business categories in which it competes, Superior Plus wants to be the market leader in value creation through differentiation and best-in-class operations.

A chemical energy company is called Superior Plus. This daring business manufactures and distributes propane gas and offers clients across Canada ancillary services and goods. There are approximately 170 locations for the business.

Also, residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Canada can get natural gas via Superior Plus. In addition, the business manufactures and distributes chemicals like potassium and chloralkali (chlorine and an alkaline salt) throughout the entire North American continent.


Chemical Companies in Canada

Canada is home to the world’s top engineering and industrial gases firm, Linde. This chemical company offers top-notch products, services, and technology that help its clients succeed while sustaining, decarbonizing, and safeguarding the environment.

The company provides services to a wide range of end markets, including those in the chemical and energy, food and beverage, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, metals, and mining sectors.

Industrial gases and technologies from Linde are utilized in a wide range of industries, such as the creation of clean hydrogen and carbon capture systems that are crucial to the shift to renewable energy, life-saving medical oxygen, and high-purity & specialized gases for electronics.

Modern gas processing solutions are also provided by Linde to promote customer growth, productivity gains, and emissions reductions.


The top 10 chemical companies in Canada today have been discussed in this piece. For further information regarding any of these companies, please contact the owner of this website using the comment box below. Thank you for your time.

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