Top 10 Cheapest Flight Schools In Canada (2024)

What schools are the cheapest flight schools in Canada?

The desire of many Canadians is to attend flight school, but these aspirations are frequently curtailed by the high tuition costs of these aviation institutions. Canada has a large number of aviation schools, however their costs could be deterring.

They provide training in areas including aircraft maintenance and flying operations. Some even make it simple to obtain the Integrated Commercial Pilot License that has been approved by Transport Canada. Continue reading to learn more about Canada’s first aviation school.

A list of the top 10 cheapest flight schools in Canada has been provided to you as a “light” though. Due to their low costs, the schools on the list are among the top and do not suffer from a lack of quality.

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Cheapest Flight Schools In Canada
Cheapest Flight Schools In Canada

Cheapest Flight Schools In Canada

The top ten cheapest flight schools in Canada today are:

University of Fraser Valley

A well-known aviation school in Canada is the University of Fraser Valley. It provides versatile options that can lead students down the specific aviation industry career they are interested about.

It offers students the option of choosing a two-year degree program to obtain a pilot’s license following comprehensive instruction or an academic path combined with flying training to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Additionally, it provides instruction for those who are interested in aviation maintenance and repairs. Generally speaking, the school is one of the more reasonably priced flight schools in Canada, with first-year tuition costing roughly $5,575.

University of Waterloo

Because it blends academic instruction with hands-on training, the University of Waterloo is known as a prestigious Canadian aviation school.

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For people who are passionate about the aviation business, the institution is highly recommended because it has earned its reputation.

You can choose from among the many courses offered by the university. Furthermore, there are no financial barriers to entry. Tuition here starts at about $8,000, so it’s rather inexpensive to receive a high-quality education.

Fanshawe College

As one of Canada’s top flight schools, the university is home to the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology. Each student is well prepared in the field of their choice thanks to the school’s wide range of courses.

For instance, students interested in learning more about aircraft and engine repair can apply for any of the courses offered in this field and receive the necessary training.

Additionally, the only virtual maintenance laboratory in Canada is located at Fanshawe College. The average yearly cost of attending the university is $9,266.

Flight School
Cheapest flight schools in Canada

Moncton Flight College

A highly reputable flying school in Canada, Moncton Flight College has graduated thousands of foreign pilots since its founding in 1929.

In addition to its credibility, TVs Moncton Flight College provides a wide range of courses at a reasonable cost.

It is among the top aviation schools in the world and one of the best flight schools in Canada. As the college gives them the necessary approvals from Transport Canada and the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the graduates of this institution also obtain the opportunity to work as professional pilots after they graduate.

There is a $20,998 annual tuition charge here.

The British Columbia Institute of Technology

Canadian aviation education began at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. It is regarded as one of the best flight schools in Canada and has attained this status in part because of its background.

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Whatever your passion, the British Columbia Institute of Technology has a variety of courses that can help you succeed in this industry.

For instance, professional pilots courses and courses for engineers in aviation maintenance are offered and reasonably priced.

Confederation College

Confederation College is a well-equipped aviation school where you can be sure that you’ll receive the training you need to advance in the aviation profession.

This college provides a range of courses, among them Aerospace Engineering, Aviation Flight Management, and Aircraft Maintenance. Confederation College has one of the lowest tuition costs of all flight schools in Canada, with an annual cost of about $5,644.

Western University, Canada

Among Canada’s top aviation schools is Western University. In addition to many other courses, the university is known for its renowned bachelor’s degrees, particularly in the field of commercial aviation management.

Being able to get employment as a professional pilot right away after graduating from Western University is one of the biggest benefits of attending the university.

This is so that they may provide graduates an Integrated Commercial Pilot License that has been approved by Transport Canada. It costs roughly $8,520 a year to attend the school.

Georgian College

Another inexpensive flight school in Canada is Georgian College. Its three-year Aviation Management Diploma programs, which are offered from the Barrie site on picturesque Kempenfelt Bay, is one of its uniqueness.

You may be sure that Georgian College will give you a rigorous education so that you can succeed in the aviation sector. Additionally, students get to gain both practical management experience and a healthy dose of theoretical knowledge. On average, $11,000 is spent on tuition.

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Sault College

Having been operating for a long time, The Sault College is another well-known aviation school in Canada. In the beginning, it was a countrywide vocational school.

Many pilots have received their training from this university, which offers programs where students are given the hands-on experience necessary to become qualified professionals.

Additionally, the school provides programs in aviation technology flight, airport wildlife management, and other related topics. $50,000 to $18,000 in tuition is charged.

Seneca College

Seneca College is the sixth cheapest flight school on this list. Another top-tier university, its graduates can establish themselves in the aviation business thanks to specific systems the school already has in place.

You can pursue aviation-related studies in fields like aerospace technology and aviation security, for example.


Your desire to enroll in a flight school will once again become a reality thanks to the fact that these institutions are fairly reasonable while still offering superior services.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the institutions have the right to adjust the aforesaid prices at any time.

As a result, you should contact the institutions for the most recent and accurate information.

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