Top 10 Cheapest SIM Cards In Canada (2024)

What are the top ten cheapest sim cards in Canada?

It has been simpler to stay in touch with family and friends thanks to the development of technology and the rise in the usage of electronic devices.

You can now talk to anyone in the globe using a smart phone with a SIM card and internet access, however some are restricted to a specific area.

Most of the networks listed below are unrestricted and cover an extensive region, although smaller carriers use the bigger mobile networks and can provide more affordable packs and cellular plans for people who want to get the most for their money.

The cheapest SIM cards available in Canada are discussed in this article, along with the deals they have. There are several networks in Canada, but we’ll only talk about a few of them.

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Cheapest SIM cards in Canada

Cheapest SIM Cards In Canada

The top ten cheapest sim cards in Canada are:


In Canada, Rogers is the biggest network provider.It provides plans with data allowances starting at 100MB for $10 (CAD), moving up to 250MB for $20 (CAD), 500MB for $30 (CAD), and 1GB for $40 (CAD). Unlimited calls and SMS to landlines are also included in these options.

The country’s transition from 2G to 3G/4G is being phased out by Rogers, which has extremely extensive coverage. One of the most dependable SIM cards in Canada is this one.

Freedom Mobile

One of the smallest data network providers in the nation with more constrained coverage is Freedom Mobile.

Although it works best in big cities, the other suppliers will be more useful if you’re traveling to farther-flung regions. Freedom Mobile, however, provides affordable prices. Nevertheless, not all phones can use it.

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The Home 250MB package, which costs $15 (CAD) a month and includes 100 call minutes and unlimited text, is one of the provider’s options. Additionally, for $25 (CAD), you may upgrade to 1GB of data and make calls at $0.05 (CAD) each minute.


One of the biggest network providers in North America and Canada is Telus. The Koodo and Public Mobile SIM cards are its sub-branchs, and it has gradually replaced 2G with 3G/4G.

From the $10 (CAD) monthly plan for 50 talk minutes and 50 SMS to the $15 (CAD) plan for 100 call minutes and 100 SMS per month to the $80 (CAD) per month plan, Telus offers a variety of plans. Bring your own smartphone and get a new SIM with 3 GB of internet and unlimited nationwide talking and messaging.

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Cheapest SIM cards in Canada


The well-known convenience retailer 7-eleven provides SpeakOut prepaid plans. Voicemail, caller ID, free incoming text messages, and 365-day expiration on all top-ups are among their features.

You can also take advantage of the following reasonable rates by adding credit to your SIM: $0.30 (CAD) per minute for local talk, $0.45 (CAD) per minute for U.S. long-distance talk, and $3.50 (CAD) for 411 calls. For people who only need to converse and send text messages, it is a viable and economical choice.

Lucky Mobile

Only Canadian zones are served by the network of Lucky Mobile, a SIM card provider. Although they offer high-quality services, it can be wise to double-check that your area corresponds to one of their zonal alternatives. Starting with the base plans, which cost $20 (CAD) per month, it has different tiers for its plans.

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The base plans provide unlimited local zone calls. The next tier is priced at $40 (CAD) per month and includes 2GB of data as well as unlimited calls and texts within Canada. The same package and coverage with 5.5GB of data are available for just $5 extra.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is yet another provider of inexpensive SIM Cards in Canada. The network service provider offers two types of plans: 500 minutes of talk time is the maximum, and unlimited talk time is also an option.

The 500 minutes of conversation are paired with either pay-per-use data for $35 (CAD) per month, 3GB for $50 (CAD) per month, or 5GB for $60 (CAD) per month. For pay-per-use data, unlimited talk costs $45 (CAD), $55 (CAD), and $65 (CAD) for 3GB and 5GB of data, respectively.


One of the biggest network providers in Canada is Bell. Bell offers SIM cards that may be used in both mobile phones and modems, as well as tablets.

The network plans are also available for purchase in stores and online. 250MB and 150 local minutes are available for $30 (CAD) per month; 500MB and 500 minutes are available for $45 (CAD) per month; and 1GB and unlimited minutes are available for $60 (CAD) per month.


Koodo, a 4G LTE operator, also has inexpensive SIM cards available for purchase in Canada. The service provider offers inexpensive plans that provide 500MG of data, no minutes, and unlimited incoming messaging for $30 (CAD) per month or pay-per-use data, 500 minutes, and unlimited message for $35 (CAD).

It’s interesting to note that you may upgrade to unlimited minutes for $45 (CAD) each month and still get the same price. The $50 (CAD) monthly plan with 3 GB of data, 500 minutes, and unlimited messaging is the most affordable choice.

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With Fido, you may choose from a variety of networks at reasonable pricing. 500 national minutes and unlimited text are included in the $35 (CAD) package, which also includes pay-per-use data. Additionally, there is a $50 (CAD) a month plan available that offers 3GB, 500 national minutes, and unlimited texting.

Consider the $60 (CAD) per month plan for individuals who require even more bandwidth, which includes 5GB, 500 national minutes, and unlimited text. If you bring your own smartphone and only need a SIM card, the network provider also offers plans with monthly beginning prices of $35 (CAD).


Try Chatr if you want more data for a lower price. The most popular plan is the 6GB with unlimited talk and text in Canada and the United States for $50 (CAD) per month.

Additionally, they have the 5GB plan for $45 (CAD) and the 4GB plan for $40 (CAD), both of which include limitless speak and text in Canada and the United States.

The least expensive options are a local calling plan for $20 (CAD) per month with unlimited local calls, or 50 Canada minutes and texts for $10 (CAD) per month.


Finally, we should mention how easily accessible these inexpensive SIM cards are and how they can be found in mobile stores and boutiques.

For your convenience, these network providers provide a variety of base plans and packages with fast mobile speeds.

Additionally, keep an eye out for bargains, as Canadian network providers frequently offer exclusive discounts.

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