10 Best Mountains In Ontario With Stunning Views (2024)

What are the best mountains in Ontario with stunning views?

Canada includes significant mountainous terrain. It has many beautiful points and lakes that are perfect place to enjoy the beauty of Canada.

Ontario is one of Canada’s 13 provinces and the most beautiful city in Canada with stunning views all around the city. 

Mountains in Ontario
Best mountains in Ontario with stunning views

In this article, we’ll discuss the top ten best mountains in Ontario with stunning views and what set them apart from others. 

Best Mountains in Ontario With Stunning Views

Below is a list of the most beautiful mountains in Ontario:

Ishpatina Ridge

Ishpatina Ridge has the highest peak in Ontario. The mountain is estimated 693 m above sea level and approximately 300 m above the immediate area. Ishpatina Ridge is one of the best mountains in Ontario. 

It is located in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater provincial park. It is a particular favorite of hikers as it is rather adventurous and challenging due to its uneven and remote route

Tip Top Mountains

Tiptop Mountain stands at about 641m above sea level. It rarely experiences hikers as it is rather difficult to climb due to the inexistence of hiking trails up the mountains.

The journey to the peak is bumpy due to uneven roads making it dangerous, however, the journey is filled with stunning views that will be a great memory. It is located in Pukaskwa national park.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is popular for its soaring sandstone ridges covered in native bushland. The charming mountain town is situated within the wilderness, ancient Aboriginal rock art, and the iconic tourist attraction of Scenic World.

The mountains initially developed underwater due to the large amounts of sediment dropping into the water to cover the sea floor. Over a long period of time, these sediments compressed into sandstone and shale, which later transformed them into underwater rocks.

Blue mountain is the most famous point of the town of blue mountains, located in Nottawasaga Bay southeast of the Toronto area.

Best mountains in Ontario
Best mountains in Ontario with stunning views

La Cloche Mountain

La cloche mountain is a range of mountains in Ontario’s Northern Region near Manitoulin Island. The mountain range lies in the Canadian Shield and is made up of white quartzite.

Surrounded by beautiful lakes, La cloche mountain offers canoe-in-back country camping that intrigues tourists. It also has numerous hiking trails as well as a park for tourists to enjoy leisure time viewing the mountains.

Mount McKay

Mount McKay is known as the “thunder mountains”, as it is a very beautiful mountain that offers breathtaking views. It is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty and culture of Ontario.

Mount McKay is the highest mountain of the Nor’wester mountains as well as the most known of the northwestern mountains. It is located south of Thunder Bay, Ontario, on the Indian reserve of the Fort William First Nation. It was initially a Volcanic plateau.

Tower Mountains 

This is the second-highest mountain in Ontario. It is a broad, flat-topped ridge with steep slopes and cliffs surrounding the central part of the plateau. It is situated on the northeast shore of the lake superior close to the city of thunder bay.

It is marked by clearings with lots of scraps from an old tower which is how it derived the name “Tower Mountain”. For nice views of clear-cut forests that extend for miles, you need to be at the top of the cliff.

Best mountains in Ontario with stunning views
Best mountains in Ontario with stunning views

Maple Mountain 

Rising 642m above sea level is Maple Mountain which lies within the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park on the northeastern side of Ontario. It is the highest vertical rise over the Ontario landscape.

The mountain is notable for canoeing and has good campsites making it a perfect and comfortable place for campaigning.

Though popular for its hiking trails, the mountain is not easily reachable as traveling by the roads and trails is difficult due to poor weather conditions.

Ogidaki Mountain

Ogidaki Mountain is a high hill in the Algoma Highlands north of Ontario. It was once one of the highest points in Ontario before the discovery of Ishpatina Ridge.

A well-maintained tower still stands at this mountain making it a tourist site for impending tourists.

Mountains in Ontario with stunning views
Best mountains in Ontario with stunning views

Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant is a monolithic landform that sets an iconic backdrop for the city of Thunder Bay. It is home to great hiking trails accessed via Highway 587 and the community of Silver Islet. Hikers can enjoy an epic full-day hike to the top of the Giant, where you’ll experience some of the best views in Ontario.

Algonquin Highlands

Algonquin Highlands is an immense area of ancient hills and pristine lakes that give rise to many beautiful waterways. It has a canoeing dreamscape with numerous routes for paddlers. 

It is also notable for mountain biking, hiking, and skiing during the winter season.

Best mountains in Ontario with stunning views
Best mountains in Ontario with stunning views

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Toronto Ontario is the most populous city in Canada as well as a rather popular location for tourists. There is no particular time that these Mountain Views are best experienced as they are stunning all year round.

However, depending on individuals’ preference for cold days and sunny days, January is the coldest month of the year whilst July is the hottest month of the year.

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