List Of Manufacturing Companies In Canada (15 Fastest Growing)

The manufacturing industry in Canada is thriving despite the recession that the country has faced. Canada is a country in North America with a highly progressive economy. Some of the fastest-growing manufacturing companies in Canada are some of the richest companies in the world, and they contribute to the increasing economy of the nation.

The industrialization of Canadian manufacturing companies added more sectors with higher technological advancements and innovations. Researchers, Engineers, Programmers, and Entrepreneurs are some of the personnel directly involved in facilitating the growth of manufacturing companies in Canada.

Manufacturing in Canada accounts for a GDP of $174 billion which is approximately 10% of the total GDP of the U.S. Currently, there are 1.7 million jobs available in the major manufacturing industries in Canada.

The average revenue of Canada grew by 550% between 2011 and 2016, garnering employment for 7,814 full-time workers by 2016. By 2017, Canada recorded a total of 85 manufacturing companies. These 85 manufacturing companies in Canada were made specifically because they are the 85 most profitable companies in the country.

There are lots of manufacturing companies in Canada, and while we cannot give a full list of all the manufacturing companies in Canada, we have compiled a list of some of the fastest-growing manufacturing companies in Canada.

List of Manufacturing Companies In Canada (Fastest Growing)

Below is a list of the fastest-growing manufacturing companies in Canada and some commercial information about those companies.

Milo Enterprises

Growth Rate – 7,227%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 6

The headquarters of Milo Enterprises is located in Vancouver, B.C. The company recorded a growth rate of 7,227% between 2011 and 2016.

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Milo Enterprises is one of the manufacturing companies in Canada that deals with the production of pest control products. This is one of the best brands in the world and a very familiar brand to most households in Canada.


Growth Rate – 6,471%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 9

FixMeStick is one of the contemporary technological companies in Canada. The headquarters of this company is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

They are experts in the production of devices that detects and eliminates computer viruses. The device is similar to a flash disc, such that when inserted into a computer, it automatically detects and eliminates suspicious applications and computer viruses.

The second of the fastest-growing manufacturing companies in Canada recently recorded a growth rate of 6,471% between 2011 and 2016

GreenSpace Brands

Growth Rate – 2,861%

Position on PROFIT 500: Position No. 23

With its Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, GreenSpace Brands produces and sells organic and natural food products. They are Canada’s No. 1 healthy food production company. The brand sells natural products like herbal green tea, honey, and natural sugar, among others.

The company was estimated to have experienced a growth rate of 2,861% between 2011 and 2016

Delviro Energy

Growth Rate – 2,232%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 32

Their Headquarters is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They are manufacturers and sellers of LED lighting and electrical fixtures for industrial, commercial, and architectural purposes.

Their Energy-saving LED lighting helps to cut down costs on electricity bills while maintaining a formidable temperature within the home or office. This company was estimated to have reached a growth rate of 2,232% between 2011 and 2016

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Arani Industries

Growth Rate – 2,052%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 34

This lighting solutions company has its Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. Arani Industries are similar in production to Delviro Energy. They are Manufacturers and suppliers of LED lighting fixtures. The growth rate of this manufacturing company in Canada is 2,052%

IRT Technologies

Growth Rate – 1,584%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 46

IRT Technologies have its Headquarters located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They design and develop satellite technology like satellite televisions and mobile communications devices for digital communications institutions and companies as well as a weapon for warfare.

Jenny Bird

Growth Rate – 1,119%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 63

Jenny Bird is a popular designer jewelry brand in Canada with Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They design and sell fashion jewelry.

UP Equip

Growth Rate – 929%

Position on PROFIT 500: position No. 80

An equipment company with Headquarters in Verchères, Quebec, Canada that specializes in aerial access equipment. They provide their services majorly to construction firms and engineering companies.

Bioastra Technologies

Growth Rate – 906%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 82

The Headquarters of Bioastra Technologies is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They manufacture biomedical devices, gloves, masks Protective suits, and biomedical packages. Their primary customers are hospitals, laboratories, veterinary centers, and research facilities.

MSW Plastics

Growth Rate – 865%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 83

The MSW Plastics Headquarters is in Palmerston, Ontario, Canada. This company produces PVC plastic products. They manufacture pipes used for building, medical purposes, and aquatics.

Hillberg & Berk

Growth Rate – 857%

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Position on PROFIT 500: No. 84

The Hillberg & Berk headquarters is situated in Regina, Saskatchewan. This is a Canadian manufacturing company that designs and sells luxury jewelry.

They manufacture original gold and silver jewelry for higher-end clients. Some of their customers are affluent people in Canada.

Kinova Robotics

Growth Rate – 798%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 91

Kinova Robotics is a producer of assistance devices and robotics for people with disabilities. This includes prosthetic limbs for accident victims. The company’s headquarters is in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada.

Fiasco Gelato

Growth Rate – 716%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 101

This Canadian company has its headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They produce natural gelato and sorbets and sell them in grocery stores. This is another one of the natural food producers in Canada.

Diva International

Growth Rate – 712%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 103

Diva International has its headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. They produce and market feminine hygiene products in health stores and retail chains.

Minami Group

Growth Rate – 680%

Position on PROFIT 500: No. 107

Minami Group Headquarters is located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. They produce and distributes Middle Eastern foods majorly for immigrants, foreign student, and native Canadians. They also provide doorstep delivery of packaged foods to different areas in Canada.

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These Fast growing manufacturing companies in Canada are very popular among residents of Canada. They did not make this list only because of their turnovers in the manufacturing sector, but also because of their quality service delivery to customers and clients.

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