Top 15 Grocery Stores In Canada (2024)

What are the top fifteen grocery stores in Canada today?

Groceries are essential to our everyday life. Indeed, a significant portion of our everyday life is spent shopping. It’s time to take a deeper look at the Canadian grocery market to examine which establishments are setting the standard for choice, value, and practicality.

Our list of the top 15 grocery stores in Canada as of right now is the result of rigorous analysis and consideration. In this article, we will outline each store’s highlights and how they differentiate themselves from the competition below.

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Grocery Stores In Canada
Grocery Stores In Canada

Best Grocery Stores In Canada 

The top fifteen grocery stores in Canada today are: 

1. Walmart

Walmart has been around for a while. One of those brands that slowly adapted into society and rose to become well-known.

Walmart is a different big-box retailer with a strong reputation for its grocery department. It provides many customers with affordable rates and the convenience of a one-stop shop. 

Additionally to investing in technology to streamline the checkout process, they have been increasing their offering of organic and environmentally friendly products.

Making a trip to Walmart in advance could simplify your life and eliminate the need to visit various places because this big box retailer carries almost everything you could possibly need.

2. Loblaws

The company was established in 1919 in Brampton, Ontario, by Theodore Loblaw and J. Milton Cork, and is regarded as one of the largest supermarkets in Toronto, Canada. 

Loblaws continues to be a major player in the Canadian grocery industry, with stores operating under a number of names such as No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, and Provigo.

Loblaws is able to draw in a wide variety of clients, from frugal shoppers to foodies looking for upmarket ingredients, because of their wide selection of private label products and affordable prices.

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3. Sobeys

With its headquarters in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, and approximately 1500 locations operating under several brands throughout the ten provinces, Sobeys was founded in 1990. 

Recent acquisitions of Farm Boy and Longo’s have helped to strengthen Sobeys’ position as a preferred option for Canadian supermarket buyers, and this upward trend has continued.

They have received accolades for the quality of their fresh product choices and dedication to eco-friendly practices, such as decreasing plastic waste in their facilities.

4. Metro

Metro consistently places very high in customer satisfaction polls and is renowned for their emphasis on quality.

In Quebec and Ontario, Metro’s retail network consists of about 950 locations operating under the Metro, Metro Plus, Super C, and other banners. 

In Canada and around the world, Metro is regarded as one of the greatest and top supermarkets.

Numerous goods, including vegan and gluten-free choices, are available to suit different dietary requirements. For pickup or delivery, Metro also offers a well-liked online ordering platform.

5. FreshCo

FreshCo, a relative newcomer to the Canadian supermarket industry, has already established a solid reputation for providing affordable prices and a wide range of product options that are tailored to urban regions. 

FreshCo strives to maintain an intuitive shopping experience by offering fresh food at competitive prices and advertising specials and discounts all around their stores. Additionally, during business hours, consumers can fill prescriptions at the on-site pharmacy.

Grocery Stores In Canada

6. CostCo

Even though it’s not a true grocery store, CostCo is a well-liked choice for people looking to save money on large quantities of goods.

Their food court selections are a guilty pleasure for many people, and their exclusive private label Kirkland Signature products are a favorite among customers.

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7. Your Independent Grocer

Your Independent Grocer business is one of the stores, or more precisely a series of stores, that you may trust if you need to do some grocery shopping.

This is another network of supermarkets that provides clients with high-quality groceries at a reasonable price. 

Your Independent Grocer (YIG) has been able to access the resources of the firm while also preserving its own distinctive brand identity as a member of the Loblaw family of stores.

They provide a wide range of goods, such as premium meats and artisanal cheeses, and frequently run deals and promotions to entice buyers who are on a tight budget.

8. T&T Supermarket

A Canadian supermarket company called T&T focuses on Asian ingredients and food. T&T, which has stores in Ontario and British Columbia, provides distinctive options for fresh vegetables, meats, seafood, and pantry essentials that are tailored to Asian culinary customs.

9. Whole Foods

Whole Foods has a devoted following for its organic and high-quality products even though it is not a supermarket shop that was established in Canada.

To make it simpler for customers to access their products after being acquired by Amazon in 2017, they have increased their online and delivery alternatives.

10. Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger is a well-liked option for consumers on a tight budget because it has locations in tiny towns across Canada.

At lower prices than some other businesses, they provide a variety of goods, such as food, clothing, and household goods.

Grocery Store
Grocery Stores In Canada

11. Save-On-Foods

Save-On-Foods, a retailer with a presence throughout western Canada, has a commendable history of giving to charity and participating in the community.

Their private label Compliments goods have a devoted following, and they have a loyalty programme that rewards customers for purchases.

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Even if it’s one of the well-known businesses, you might wish to join it because without a membership, things are quite a deal more expensive. Please don’t worry; membership is free.

12. Co-op

The Co-op is a grocery store business that is exclusive to Canada in that its members own and run it.

They provide a variety of goods, including locally sourced and organic selections, and actively promote their neighborhoods by making philanthropic contributions.

13. IGA

IGA is still a top choice for many Canadian customers, and it has shops all over Quebec and Ontario.

Recently, they increased the variety of gourmet and organic products they sell, as well as made investments in technology to enhance the shopping experience.

14. Farm Boy

Farm Boy’s initial Ottawa site has been joined by numerous additional locations in Ontario after it was purchased by Sobeys.

They are well-known for their locally produced meats, a wide variety of gourmet baked items, and farm-fresh veggies.

15. Longo’s

Longo’s was recently acquired by Sobeys, like Farm Boy, but it still maintains its own distinctive, upscale brand identity.

They take great satisfaction in providing unique products like artisanal cheeses and international gourmet delicacies that aren’t available in other stores.


To survive, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of people’s everyday lives and where to find the goods you need.

You must therefore determine which Canadian supermarket is best for you. Your ability to purchase high-quality goods at fair costs will finally be aided.

That is it, then! 15 of the best grocery stores in Canada today, listed in detail. For your needs in grocery shopping, we hope this piece offers some useful information.

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