Top 10 Best Clubs In Edmonton (2024)

What are the top ten clubs in Edmonton today?

With a wide selection of clubs and pubs to fit every preference, Edmonton has a thriving nightlife culture. You can locate a club that plays your favorite music, whether it is techno, hip-hop, or everything in between. The party capital of Canada is Edmonton. 

Regardless of the day of the week or the weekend, the city is vibrant and teeming with life. Making a decision about where to go can be challenging with so many amazing nightclubs available. Because of this, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of the town’s trendiest locations. 

Join us as we tour Edmonton’s top nightlife clubs and learn what makes each of these clubs a must-visit location for anyone looking to party nonstop.

10 Best Clubs In Edmonton 

The top ten best clubs in Edmonton today are: 

Clubs in Edmonton
Best clubs in Edmonton

Cook County Saloon 

The well-liked country-themed club Cook County Saloon in Edmonton is renowned for its fun environment and excellent music. Cook County Saloon is one of the places you must see when in Edmonton because it hosts several shows. It offers a complete club experience with inexpensive beverages, top-notch music, and peaceful and enjoyable ambiance. 

The west section of the city is home to this club, which has a sizable dance floor, numerous bars, and a stage for live music performances. From Wednesday through Sunday, a wide selection of country music is played at the Cook County Saloon.


Another well-liked nightclub in Edmonton is called The Bower, and it also has a distinctive ambience and excellent music. This club, which is in the center of Old Strathcona, has a dance floor, many bars, and a stage for live music performances. It also has a cozy and intimate atmosphere. From Thursday through Saturday, The Bower is open and plays a wide range of music, including indie, rock, and electronic.

Privé Ultralounge 

The name Privé Ultralounge refers to one of Edmonton’s posh nightclubs. It attracts celebrities and high-end customers from all across the city. Prive Ultralounge is unquestionably Edmonton’s best bar for gatherings and dancing because of its extensive alcoholic beverage menu and renowned bottle service. 

Come to the club on Friday and Saturday for a thrilling evening. The mood is positive and everyone seems to be having a fantastic time. The DJs mix electronic and dance music as LED screens and lights flash to keep the energy level high. A show featuring dancers and other entertainers is presented every weekend. The lavish, regal services this club offers its visitors will surprise you.

Blues On Whyte 

One of the most well-known clubs in Edmonton, Alberta, is Blues on Whyte. It is a branch of the Commercial Hotel, a local pub renowned for its live jazz and blues music performances. This bar serves various types of alcoholic beverages, including wine, beer and regional food, and is a prime example of Edmonton nightlife. It is open every day of the week. 

You’ll enjoy this establishment if you favor a laid-back atmosphere or live blues music. In addition to being affordable, this location is also easy to get to. If you’re on a tight budget, they’re also good. One of the top clubs in Edmonton for blues enthusiasts and easy-drinking club-goers is known for its chilled, laid-back atmosphere.

Edmonton clubs
Best clubs in Edmonton

Evolution Wonderlounge 

Evolution Wonderlounge is a great choice if you’re looking for a club where prejudice isn’t in style. Among Edmonton’s social hotspots, this homosexual club is one of the most talked-about destinations. One of the top clubs in Edmonton, they have an excellent standing in the LGBTQ+ community there. 

If you have an open mind, you can enjoy the place without even being LGBTQ+. Drag shows, trivia nights, and karaoke are just a few of the events it hosts. Each and every dollar contributed supports charitable organizations and other good deeds.

Y Afterhours 

One of the top nightclubs in Canada, Y Afterhours offers a terrific setting for socializing with friends and meeting new people. People hesitate to enter Y Afterhours all night since it is the noisiest nightclub in Edmonton, Alberta. This club is fantastic since it has three levels and can accommodate everyone, so you can invite as many friends as you like. 

You will have a range of tunes to show off your killer moves on the spacious dance floor thanks to various DJs each day. If you are 18 years of age or older and possess a valid ID, you may enter Y Afterhours. For women arriving before 2 am and for students arriving before 3 am, there is a 50% discount.


99ten, a branch of the Common nightclub, is unquestionably one of the top urban hangouts in the city. They offer a pleasant atmosphere and a dynamic dance floor, therefore a lot of partygoers, typically younger ones, frequent this location. Intimate meetings can be hosted here in a welcoming house-party atmosphere, which serves as a home for Edmonton’s musical subculture. 

As it has a cozy and enjoyable setting to listen to many types of music, you can also hold a small gathering with your social circle. They will be happy to give you a spot if you need one to hold an event. They are among the greatest clubs in Edmonton because of their commitment to the city’s underground club music culture.

The Starlite Room

Edmonton’s The Starlite Room has a storied history dating back more than three decades. This downtown nightclub has a sizable dance floor, numerous bars, and a stage for live music performances. Rock, metal, and punk are among the many musical genres that are played in The Starlite Room, which is open from Wednesday through Sunday.

Best clubs in Edmonton
Best clubs in Edmonton

The Ranch Roadhouse

One of Edmonton’s most well-liked nightclubs, The Ranch Roadhouse is renowned for its fun environment, excellent music, and helpful staff. There are numerous bars, a large dance floor, and a stage for live music performances at this club, which is centrally located in Edmonton. There is a wide range of music played at The Ranch Roadhouse, including rock, pop, and country, from Thursday through Saturday.

The Buckingham Pub

The Buckingham Pub is a well-liked club in Edmonton that is renowned for its laid-back and welcoming ambiance. The Whyte Avenue neighborhood is home to this club, which has a comfortable atmosphere, a dance floor, many bars, and a stage for live music performances. The Buckingham Pub features a diverse range of music, including punk, indie, and rock, and is open from Wednesday through Sunday.

Clubs in Edmonton
Best clubs in Edmonton

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We hope you enjoyed reading about the top 10 clubs in Edmonton that you simply must visit on our blog. These clubs will guarantee you a memorable night, whether you’re a local or simply visiting. With a flourishing nightlife that welcomes partygoers of all ages and preferences, Edmonton is a lively city. 

In this vibrant city, there is something for everyone, from hip nightclubs playing the newest tunes to peaceful bars with live music. There’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy yourself and make some wonderful memories. Each club on our list is worth visiting due to its outstanding music and distinctive atmospheres. Enjoy your time taking in Edmonton’s vibrant nightlife.

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