Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods In Ottawa (2024)

Which neighborhoods are the richest neighborhoods in Ottawa? The city of Ottawa is vibrant, safe, and young, and it has many intriguing neighborhoods. Ottawa has a wide range of thrilling entertainment alternatives, including world-class restaurants, great sporting events, lovely parks, and vibrant nightlife, despite being a little quieter than other towns.

Ottawa has a lot to offer prospective buyers seeking luxury properties. Ottawa is brimming with opulent amenities, spectacular natural scenery, and exciting cultural events in addition to its stunning historic and contemporary sites.

This city provides everything you’re searching for, whether you’re interested in a stunning historic home, a contemporary condo, or a sizable custom-built property.

In this article, we review the top ten richest neighborhoods in Ottawa, Canada, and some of their features.

Richest Neighborhoods in Ottawa

The top ten richest neighborhoods in Ottawa are:

Richest Neighborhoods in Ottawa
Richest Neighborhoods in Ottawa, Canada


One of Ottawa’s most affluent and gentrified neighborhoods is Westboro, a gentrified urban region. There are many things to do in this neighborhood, which is close to Downtown. This location, which is on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, is cozy and secure and provides lots of fantastic amenities.

Due to the enormous lot sizes and the well-known Westboro Village, wealthy individuals frequently move to Westboro. This coastal location is fantastic because there are loads of activities and little crime. Due to the neighborhood’s popularity, there have been many new construction projects in the region.

In Westboro, upscale housing options include condos, townhomes, and contemporary detached homes in addition to rental properties that were specifically developed for that purpose.


Manotick, one of the oldest communities in the Capital Area, is situated outside of Ottawa’s municipal borders. While keeping a quiet profile for many years, Manotick has recently witnessed a surge in popularity, making it one of Ottawa’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

Manotick’s elegant residences are frequently constructed with quiet and privacy in mind, despite the fact that its streets are lined with art galleries, cafes, and specialized shops. The visual splendor and spaciousness of Manotick are what set it apart.

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Manotick is the ideal place for you if you want a luxury home that draws its design inspiration from the surrounding environment. Manotick is a picturesque seaside village where residents can live, and those who enjoy the outdoors can choose from a wide range of fishing, boating, and other water activity possibilities.

Richest Neighborhoods in Ottawa
Richest Neighborhoods in Ottawa

Rockcliffe Park

Rockcliffe Park is one of the richest neighborhoods in Ottawa. The Rockcliffe Park neighborhood, which is found in Ottawa’s east end, follows the banks of the Ottawa River. It is a totally distinct neighborhood from other areas of the city since it is more densely forested, has larger lots, and has residences that are spaced out from one another.

Several prominent people have lived in the region over the past century, including former prime ministers, foreign diplomats, performers, and even the Dutch Royal Family. One-of-a-kind among affluent communities, Rockcliffe Park has withstood gentrification and won’t be undergoing it anytime soon.

The historic feel and aesthetically pleasing surroundings of Rockliffe Park are well known. The neighborhood’s historic character will be preserved thanks to development controls and protection measures because it is a designated Heritage Conservation District.

The Glebe

The Glebe is a distinctive Ottawa neighborhood that is located next to the Rideau Canal and Aberdeen Pavilion. For wealthy purchasers who prefer to be near the activity, the neighborhood’s cosmopolitan vibe is ideal.

Indeed, the upscale Glebe neighborhood is one of Ottawa’s best. Whether they are single-family residences or more uncommon multi-family alternatives, some of the Glebe’s most exquisite homes may be found in Ottawa.

The Glebe offers some of the best nightlife, dining, and shopping in the Capital District. The Glebe is a favorite among locals as well as tourists because it has lively restaurants, independent shops, and a tight-knit community.

New Edinburg

With many consulates and wealthy businesspeople, New Edinburg is an extremely affluent neighborhood. You might be ready to shell out more money for a property in this neighborhood. There are many mansions in this neighborhood, and there are also lots of lovely green spaces.

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The majority of people won’t be able to afford to reside in this quiet neighbourhood in Ottawa because it is characterized by the presence of spectacular homes and significant green space. Given that it is situated near Rockcliffe Park, this neighborhood is ideal for lawmakers, lawyers, and healthcare professionals.

Rideau Forest

Rideau forest
Richest Neighborhoods in Ottawa

Rideau Forest, while being one of the locations on this list that has undergone the most recent development, has grown to be one of the most prominent and sought-after neighborhoods for affluent homebuyers in recent years.

The retail stores and eateries of downtown Manotick are conveniently close by, so even while residents of Rideau Forest will enjoy scenic privacy, they are still close by. This upscale community offers residents unparalleled privacy, stunning natural surroundings, and luxurious modern homes.

It is tucked between dense evergreen trees on Manotick’s eastern border. Housing in Rideau Forest is primarily comprised of new, custom homes because it is a younger community geared at wealthy individuals.


Known for its welcoming atmosphere and sizable French-speaking community, Orleans is one of Ottawa’s suburbs with the greatest population growth. Both bilingual and monolingual inhabitants will find the neighborhood to be a lovely location to live because it has one of the largest francophone communities in the city.

The residents of Orleans can choose from a wide variety of events and recreational opportunities, much like residents of other Ottawa neighborhoods. Baseball diamonds, basketball courts, sports fields, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor rinks, and volleyball courts are available for those who like structured sports as well as a casual activity.

Alta Vista

Alta Vista is also one of the richest neighborhoods in Ottawa. Located in the center of Ottawa, the Alta Vista neighborhood is a more tranquil residential region. Its convenience is its key selling point. There is a strong sense of community in Alta Vista, which is primarily a residential area.

As the city’s premier family neighborhood, Alta Vista was designed in the 1960s. The hospitals and Downtown Ottawa are both conveniently accessible from Alta Vista. Compared to many other Ottawa neighborhoods, Alta Vista is more eastern and higher up, hence there are more green spaces there.

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You’ll discover some of the top restaurants in the city in Alta Vista when it comes to dining out. There are many educational choices in Alta Vista for families that are considering relocating.

Kanata Lakes

One of the most coveted luxury communities with cutting-edge construction and design, Kanata Lakes is home to a wealth of leisure facilities. This sought-after neighborhood in Ottawa’s west is renowned for its verdant greenery and scenic surroundings, convenient location, and near proximity to Kanata North, the country’s largest technological park.

Satisfaction and comfort level is of utmost importance in this self-contained community. The most noticeable sporting organizations in Kanata Lakes are the huge golf clubs, sailing clubs, and biking clubs. You can always find things to do in Kanata Lakes when you’re at home to keep yourself occupied.

In fact, Kanata Lakes residents enjoy a comfortable and opulent lifestyle. It makes sense that this area of Ottawa is wealthy.

Island Park

Island Park is renowned for its variety of architectural styles and accessibility to upscale services, making it more and more desirable to wealthy buyers. It is also one of the richest neighborhoods in Ottawa.

In Ottawa, Canada, where many wealthy young purchasers are benefiting from the city’s IT boom, Island Park, a neighborhood with roots dating back almost a century, is gaining new prominence.

The neighborhood’s spine is Island Park Drive, an Ottawa thoroughfare that was constructed in 1923. Many nations decide to locate their government houses at Island Park. Island Park’s seclusion is a deluxe benefit all by itself. This level of privacy is rare in many Ottawa communities.

Richest Neighborhoods in Ottawa


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