Top 10 Gaming Companies In Canada (2024)

What are the top ten gaming companies in Canada today?

The video game industry nowadays is a complex one. You probably already know there are various methods of the game design if you’re familiar with them. Several effective and top-notch gaming enterprises are located in Canada, one of the most developed nations in the globe.

With several of the most well-known gaming businesses maintaining operations in Canada, video gaming is a significant economic contributor to that nation. You are aware that there are excellent design studios all over the world. One of the nations in the globe where this transformation is seriously occurring is Canada.

In this article, we review the top ten gaming companies in Canada today and why they appear on the list. Read on to learn more.

Gaming Companies in Canada

The top ten gaming companies in Canada are:

Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive
Gaming Companies in Canada

Among the top gaming developers in Canada is Behaviour Interactive. September 22, 1992, saw the founding of this business. Montreal, Quebec is home to this studio. Since its foundation in 1992, Behaviour Interactive has gone through a number of name changes.

The studio has a reputation for producing top-notch games while staying on top of technological developments. Behaviour Interactive asserts that it has established a solid reputation through the meticulous creation of unique games and the interactive experiences it creates from the most valuable intellectual properties in the world.

These interactive experiences are intended to captivate audiences across all platforms. They collaborate with renowned organizations like Activision, Imperium Cloud, Disney, Dreamworks, EA, and many others. Recent years saw the development of Fallout Shelter, a smartphone game based on the Fallout series that allows you to manage your own vault while playing as the Overseer.

HB Studio

Throughout the course of the past 20 years, HB Studios has produced compelling and lovable video games. Jeremy Wellard started up the company in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, at the beginning of July 2000. It is a branch of 2K and is well-known for its rugby and cricket matches.

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The employees at HB Studios are incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to creating the best video games. They have also worked directly on the design and development of the largest gaming franchises of today, with a focus on console and PC platforms.

According to the business, it is constantly thinking of ways to make its goods better and provide its clients with high-quality gaming experiences.

Bit Space Development

The high-end gaming solutions are made by Bit Space Development Ltd since 2015. The business offers several services, such as bespoke software development, although its primary focus is on AR/VR projects. This business has produced some of the most incredible video games in the entire world with a staff of just 14.


Dominique Brown founded Beenox in Quebec City, Canada, in the year 2000. Under the parent firm “Activision,” Beenox is an additional company. The crew at Beenox is made up of like-minded, committed, and upbeat individuals who are constantly looking forward to making the best video games in the entire world.

Almost 330 individuals work at the game developer studio Beenox. Their real claim to fame is in the field of game system porting. Early in the new millennium, PC and Mac versions of titles from the Tony Hawk series were released.

Black Ops III was recently released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Bee Movie Game, which is based on the Dreamworks Studios film Bee Movie, is one of the games they created themselves.

Capybara Games

Some of the world’s top video games have been created by Capybara Games, which has been in business since 2003. Ontario, Canada, is the company’s location. The main area of expertise for the company is the development of various 2D and 3D video games.

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The majority of Capybara games are created in a manner that is fairly simple, allowing players to explore a wide range of missions and have fun while doing so.


Bioware was established in 1995 and is based in Edmonton, Canada. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, two recently graduated medics, established Bioware. Before forming a partnership, this business was independent for ten years.

Two years after the partnership was formed, EA bought the holding company. The business creates high-quality console, PC, and online role-playing games with an emphasis on deep plots, remarkable characters, and expansive objectives to explore.

The primary goals of Bioware are to make a substantial impact on the gaming industry globally and to make sure that video game enthusiasts have a positive gaming experience. The organization upholds the following values: modesty, integrity, excellence, and enthusiasm.

EA Vancouver

British Columbia’s Burnaby is home to the Canadian video game studio EA Vancouver. It is also the oldest and largest development studio for Electronic Arts, having debuted as Distinctive Software in January 1983.

The world’s biggest video game testing facility is located in EA Vancouver, which has about 1,300 employees. On a variety of devices, including the PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and cellular phones, EA Vancouver creates games that may be played. Inspiring people to play is a priority for EA Vancouver.

Some of the most popular video games in the world were created by the firm. NHL 21, Grand Slam Tennis 2, FIFA 15, FIFA 16, UEFA EURO 2012, and NHL 21 are just a few of the video games created by EA Vancouver.

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Rockstar Toronto

Gaming Companies in Canada
Gaming Companies in Canada

Toronto-based Rockstar Games is a Rockstar Games company situated in Oakville, Ontario, and a Canadian video game developer. Early in the 1980s, the firm was founded as Imagexcel, and during that time Quarantine, which was released by GameTek in 1994, and more than fifteen other games were created.

One of Canada’s biggest gaming firms, Rockstar Toronto, is based in Oakville. Grand Theft Auto Vice City 13, Man Hunt, The Warriors, Dark Colony, and Max Payne are just a few of the well-known games that the studio created.


Ubisoft Toronto
Gaming Companies in Canada

One of the leading gaming firms in Canada, Ubisoft has offices in a number of Canadian cities, including Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Winnipeg; and a few others that aren’t listed here.

Ubisoft has developed quite a lot of games over the years. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, For Honor, and Assassin’s Creed is a few of the games produced by this company.

Klei Entertainment

Gaming Companies in Canada
Gaming Companies in Canada

Another organization making history in the gaming industry in Canada is this one. In July 2005, Klei Entertainment was established. The corporate headquarters of Klei Entertainment is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The group is made up of creative and extremely gifted people who are prepared to alter the course of the world. The Eets Series, Mark Of The Ninja, Shank Series, Don’t Starve, and Invincible are some of Klei Entertainment’s best-selling titles.


This piece has discussed the top 10 gaming companies in Canada with a focus on the games they have produced and their years of establishment. For further inquiries, please use the comment box below. Thank you for reading.

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